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Squinty Bearded Guy: Good morning sports racers. It's Friday, October 13th and here in Buffalo, New York, it's "Ride the Lake-Effect Snow Eagle Danger Day."

Steve Garfield's Ze Frank class from PodCamp: Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day!

Ze Frank: Sleep? The Show? ... The show.

Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day #1: Dirty Space News.

The New Scientist reports that a bizarre string of pearls adorns Saturn.

C'mon. I mean, no way.

Scientists have long thought that Saturn was relatively placid compared to Jupiter. But new images have quote "revealed that the planet is seething with activity, lower down." NASA's Kevin Baines said quote, "This is not a boring planet anymore." Not boring, dirty.

Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day #2:

Following the tragic death of New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle the FAA has said it will begin investigating what it calls the wild west rules governing New York aviation.

The news comes only weeks after Bush administration announced that it would cut NASA's national air traffic system and avaiation safety budget by one third. Among the programs to be cut is a study on pilot fatigue, which I didn't even know was a big deal. Kill me.

El Presidente had a fun little chat in the Rose Garden this week. Citing a rosey economy, the president gave budget numbers from quote, "the fiscal year that ended February the 30th." Hm? Its rumored the Administration plans on making February the 30th, National Victory in Iraq day.

During the press conference the President discredited a recent study saying that over 650 thousand Iraqis have died as a result of the Iraq war. In December the President said that 30 thousand Iraqis died, 20 times less than the figures from the contraversial study. The President stood by his original numbers, adding, "I'm amazed that this is a society which so wants to be free that they're willing to ... that there's a level of violence that they tolerate."

Tolerate Tolerate Tolerate Tolerate Tolerate Tolerate

It's funny, you say it a few times and it loses its meaning.

I have to get on a plane now, and I'm praying that my pilot didn't have a late night with hookers. Have a great weekend, this is Ze Frank, thinking so you don't have to.

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