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Guest announcer: Say good morning, Sports Racers.

Little girl: You've gotta be kidding me.

Guest announcer: Nah, go ahead and say it.

Little girl: You're a weirdo.

Ze: I am so not a weirdo. You're the weirdo!

Little girl: Weirdo.

Ze: Weirdo.

Little girl: Weirdo.

Ze: All right! You win.

It's October 20th and that means it's the start of the Sports Racer Carve a Pumpkin, Bitch! Pumpkin Carving Jamboree. Carve a pumpkin and upload it to the gallery. The only rule is: part of your body has to be inside the pumpkin. The Sports Racer Carve a Pumpkin, Bitch! Pumpkin Carving Jamboree does not recognize body parts located between the kneecaps and the nipple.(Try saying that fast.) Exceptions can be made for what the young kids refer to as "the booty". Get carving, it's fun for the whole family!

You know what else it is, it's Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day! [jingle]

Israeli president Katsav is facing allegations that he raped numerous members of his staff. At a recent press conference with Israeli prime minister Olmert, Russian president Vladimir Putin was overheard telling a rape joke. (Eeewww!) Russian officials confirmed that Putin said, quote, "Greetings to your president. What a mighty man he turns out to be. He raped ten women. I never would have expected this from him. He surprised us all, we all envy him." A Kremlin spokesperson said, quote, "I don't think that the proper translation is able to reflect the meaning of the joke." Oh, it was like an innocuous rape joke. (Eew) Properly translated, the line "We all envy him" reads "Don't listen to me, I'm being an ass." Putin. What is that? Is that like a baby fart? "Stand clear, I'm a-pootin'!" "Oh, dude, you just pooted!" Poot!

In other news, Google Checkout has cancelled Gimme Some Candy. That's right, no more duckies. Google Checkout, that amazing platform that doesn't recognize Canada, has determined that it doesn't support donation sites. Recently strapped with YouTube, Google seems to have a problem with video blogs that can actually generate revenue. Way to move the internet forward, jackass! I guess microducky sponsorship is just gonna have to use PayPal.

North Korean president Kim Jong Il seen here [condescending tone] wavin' that little hand o' his, has pledged not to conduct any more nuclear tests. Yeah, and our administration pledges not to use military force! [*wink*]

Via boingboing, a new book titled "Rumor Psychology" claims that most workplace rumors are 95% accurate. The research has prompted thousands of workers to start spreading rumors that they were about to get a raise.

Representative Bob Ney who's going to prison next year because he illegally accepted tens of thousands of dollars from lobbyists, has decided that he's not going to step down in the meantime. While his cellmates-to-be anxiously await his arrival, Mr Ney will be collecting $3,176 a week in salary. Come on!

Check it out, it's a picture of bugs doin' it!

This week, the president signed into law the Military Commissions Act of 2006, Among other things, the Act allows the CIA to continue running its interrogation fun parks in foreign countries. The president said, quote, "It's a rare occasion when a president can sign a bill he knows will save American lives." Just spitballin' here, but if you dig that kind of thing, you should look into some bills involving health care. Maybe something involving handguns. Call me crazy, but it seems like you should aim for most of your legislation saving American lives. If it's a rare thing and this is the best ya got, we're screwed!

Researchers at the University of Stanford said that one in eight U.S. residents show signs of problematic internet use. Previous research has found that the majority of these internet addicts spend approximately 30 hours a week on nonessential computer use. Last week the Nielsens reported that the average American watches four hours and 35 minutes of television each day. That's different, though. Grey's Anatomy is technically essential. Comparing internet addiction to alcoholism, researchers say that people go online to cure foul moods, and find it difficult to stay away from the internet. One researcher said that users are using use the internet to self-medicate. Got it: internet not equal to tubes or dump truck. Internet equals drugs. I guess that makes me a pusher. You want a ducky? The first one's on the house...

Citation: PHILIP SHENON. (2006, October 19). Bob Ney, Guilty but Still at Capitol. The New York Times. Retrieved October 21, 2006, from

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