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(RunningFool sits in some bar in San Francisco)

[RunningFool] Good morning Sports Racers, this is RunningFool. I came all the way to San Francisco just to say: this is the show with Ze Frank.

[Ze] That's right, RunningFool has started his trip having been pinned in San Francisco this weekend and currently in LA. Check the sidebar for emerging information sources.

As we waltz towards the new year, the 109th Congress wound down this weekend.

(pretending to reminisce) Cleaning out lockers, signing yearbooks, pretending you like people more than you really did.

At 4:35AM, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist told a near empty room "I will miss each and every one of you."

(reminiscing again) Good Times

The 109th Congress will be missed however, having responded to a critical time in our nation's history, by actually meeting fewer times than any congress since 1948.

(faking apology) Oops, my mistake. They met fewer times than that Congress as well. And those guys were called the do-nothing congress. Haha, we showed them.

The teary final moments were spent removing gum from underneath desks, a friendly little toiletpapering of Nancy Pelosi's office. and the breaking of the longstanding US policy not to trade nuclear technology with countries that have failed to sign the International Nuclear Nonproliferations Treaty.

It's the holidays, the spirit of giving.

If India really wants a Playstation, or a puppy, or enhanced capabilities to enrich Uranium, who can resist?

But it wasn't all the signing of inconsequential legislation and scavenger hunts for the bottles of scotch that Senator Kennedy reportedly in the How-To section of his bookshelf.

No, on friday after all the bloggers had safely gone to bed, the House Ethics Committee released its on the Foley scandal.

The report found that Hastert and his top aids, and some Democrats and a whole bunch of other people knew about the inappropriate emails and IMs that Mark Foley had been sending the pages for months if not years, but did nothing to protect the teenagers.

The report used really strong words like failed to exercise appropriate diligence, remain willfully ignorant to potential consequences, but decided not to take any action... against anyone.

It's a fine line. Sometimes when you know someone's doing something wrong and you don't do anything, it's bad, but other times, it's OK.

Good times.

Reportedly there are no plans to form a new committee to look into how long this committee knew about wrongdoings while failing to act.

Finally in the last throes of the 109th Congress, James Baker used a metaphor for Iraq policy that we can all understand: fruit.

Baker responded to the President's chilliness on the Iraq study group report saying "I hope we don't treat this like a fruit salad and say 'I like this, but I don't like that.'"

Ahh, now I understand.

(cut to a clip of Ze standing outside of his apartment holding a small tub of fruit salad - "O Little Town of Bethlehem" plays in the background. Ze picks out one grape among many various fruits including honeydew, cantelope, pineapple and grapes [possibly more]. After Ze eats the single grape, he stares breifly at the tub and then dumps it onto the ground. In slow motion, Ze jumps up and down on top of the dumped fruit.)

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