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Woman in snow: Good morning sportsracers. Welcome to my postcard & welcome to "The Snow" with zefrank.

Ze sings: Any individual entity that pretends to understand the rules that guide this space is under an illusion. Hello new viewer. Any individual entity that pretends to understand the rules that guide this space is under an illusion.

Spoken: Worst bonzai ever. Worst summary ever.

According to CNN in the month of November My Space trumped Yahoo! for the first time, reporting 38.7 Billion U.S. page views.

When I was in kindergarten all the kids in my neighborhood would meet at a certain playground near my school. The playground itself didn't change much; a slide, a jungle gym, some swings, and a collection of horses on springs that sometimes worked & sometimes didn't.

Those were cool, but it was the expectation of playing with other kids that got me excited to go. Whether I realized it or not there was a sense of democracy there and I was ignorant of or unimpressed by the inequalities that existed. Anyone could come & everyone was a potential playmate. "Hi my name's Billy. I like your fireman's hat. I like fire trucks. You want to hold hands?"

It felt safe. It felt like there were rules out there & if push came to shove (literally), someone to enforce them, & no matter what you could always leave. After all it was just a playground. Home was where your real life was.

According to a recent survey 86% of American internet users say they are knowledgeable about protecting their private information. However only 20% actually read privacy policies & only 5% check back to see if they have changed.

Teenagers & criminals alike routinely miscalculate the transparency of My Space. Fugitive auto thief Darren Bates was arrested last week while updating his profile.

Throughout the beginning of elementary school it continued to be about place. Hordes of kids were gathered together in the school yard & at Chucky Cheese & at birthday parties. Many of them I didn't know, but it didn't matter, playground rules applied.

Then something changed. It may have been because I was spending more time out there at those places, often unsupervised. I was more invested in what happened on the playground & when I left those experiences followed me home & home no longer seemed as separate & it had less potential to comfort me.

It may have been when Jason Addison told everyone that he'd gotten Karen Beady to lift up her shirt & that she had VD. I didn't know what that meant, but I knew what her nickname would be. It didn't feel so safe anymore. Maybe it never had been safe. That playground openness seemed open to attack.

In September web developer Jason Fortuny posted a fake Craigslist ad. Posing as a submissive woman looking for an aggressive sexual partner. He received 178 responses in 24 hours along with personal information & pictures all of which he posted online.

Youtube continues to troll for & remove sniper videos from the Iraq war.

Large scale online environments such as Second Life are constantly under attack by so called griefers. Taking advantage of the ability to modify code, griefers aim to disrupt the system. In this case the attack led to wide spread texture mapping problems, error messages appear in the character’s eyes.

Sometime in adolescence there was a dramatic swing from playground to posse. A shared interest in fire trucks wasn't enough to start holding hands. You needed to make sure that someone had your back.

Place became less important. The context & safety my small group of friends provided could move fluidly between the Dairy Queen parking lot, the mall, or a party. It was a big swing from open to closed, but it allowed us to navigate the world with some sense of comfort.

When World of Warcraft shuts down for routine maintenance small groups of players migrate to other platforms to practice strategy. Above Warcraft player gather together in Second Life standing on top of imported maps.

Six Apart recently released Vox a blogging platform with the built in notion of a small & private readership.

Playground to posse: What’s your quack pack?

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