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(begin with a video of a car (gifa's?) decorated with LOA and SportsRacer logos)

[Running Fool] Hi, this is RunningFool. I'm drunk. I'm here with--

[Affablehipster] --Affablehipster--

[Runningfool] and uhhh, we're in Phoenix, and... good times.

(cut to a group of people in front of a giant easel)

[Brian] Good afternoon SportsRacers.

[Sisyphus42] From the big easel in Goodland, Kansas.

(another pair of people cut in front of the camera, the female says)

[Kimmyesque] We're passing the human baton!

[Runningfool/Human Baton] This is the show with Ze Frank!

(cut to Ze with a new haircut and a bit of facial hair)

Fairly friggin' amazing RunningFool continues his journey across America using only SportsRacers for lodging and travel, more info in the sidebar.

Yesterday was December 17th the show's nine month birthday. With three months to go we've got a lot to do, starting with this Thursday's adoption.

On Thursday we're going to adopt someone from myspace, all requesting to become that person's friend in a single day. Here's the thing, for it to be a surprise, it should be someone we don't know and who doesn't know us. So your friends don't really count.

Try to find someone on myspace who's recently logged in, has few friends, and seems like they should be adopted. Then nominate them using the link in the sidebar.

Don't cheat. After all, it's the SportsRacer Holiday Myspace Adoption Program.

Speaking of Rupert Murdoch and holiday surprises, publisher Judith Regan is officially out on her ass as of this weekend.

Regan had been able to hold onto her job for years despite many public and private controversies.

What was it that finally led to her being met by security guards carrying boxes of her crap in the parking lot?

It wasn't the cancellation of her recent project the O.J. Simpson book "If I Did It" a book in which Simpson described how he would have killed his wife if he had done it, wink wink.

Classy. But no, Regan was fired after Murdoch heard about a heated conversation that she had had with company lawyers.

In this context, heated conversation meant tirade of anti-Semitic slurs.

Realizing there was no profit vehicle behind the conversation, Murdoch finally drew a line.

Regan defended herself saying that she was test-marketing the new Mel Gibson book: "What I Would Have Said If I Were an Anti-Semite."

Shabbosgoy writes:

"Is love stronger than gravity?"

Excellent question, this is one area where science has little to offer us.

Empirical evidence is scant, much controversy surrounds the story of Galileo and the leaning tower of Pisa.

This alleged experiment has been used to show the triumph of gravity, but many questions remain.

Did Galileo actually drop his balls? And if he did, which ball did he love more? Did he love big balls? Or did his affection lie with smaller balls? Were there balls he loved so much that he held onto them, unwilling to dangle them over the edge?

(chuckles) Old science didn't take into consideration the difficulty of measuring how much we love our balls.

New science however, has come up with a much more reliable tool: babies.

(cut to a pic of Michael Jackson holding his baby over a balcony)

In 2002 modern scientist Michael Jackson set out to test the love-versus-gravity challenge. The test was aborted however due to lack of comparative analysis: Jackson having a difficult time finding a child he didn't love.

In May however, Dr. Britney Spears decided to move forward with the single-baby technique. During this much publicized event you can plainly see love is much stronger than gravity.

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