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(the show begins with a video of RunningFool running by a gate and being snatched by a woman followed by a few pics of running fool with some people. A new rendition of "Duckies in the Pond" plays in the background)

Good afternoon SportsRacers, today is the culmination of the SportsRacer Holiday MySpace Adoption Program. The votes are in and let's take a look at the top three nominees:

[Ze in an echoy voice]

(cut to a screenshot of Adam's MySpace page) Adam is 27 years old from St. Paul Minnesota. Currently a fourth grade teacher, he enjoys drawing comic books, listens to Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews and Weezer and enjoys nearly every sort of movie except chick flicks. "No weirdos, please."

(cut to a shot of Jess' page) Jess is also 27 years old from Everett, Massachusetts. Married with an eight month old daughter, she recently started photographing weddings. Jenn [?] enjoys The Office [US], King of Queens, and Scrubs and would like to meet Zack Braff, or JFK.

(cut to John's page) John is 30 years old and lives in Milton Keynes in the UK. His interests include wining and dining, current affairs, and hot chocolate. He enjoys riding his bike and most music, and is a Sagittarius.

[Ze] Aww I can't choose, I like all three of them already. Can't we keep them? SportsRacers, let's adopt all three of the nominees, hell, it don't cost nothin.

But this sort of adoption is a two way street, they're going to have to like us in return. Each one of the nominees currently has ten friends or less. If when I've returned after the holidays, they've allowed us to adopt them, I'll send them a gift. Two matching black on black t-shirts! One for them and one for someone they love.

If you'd like to help adopt our nominees I've provided links to their pages in the sidebar. Just request to be their friend, be nice, and try not to look like spam, whatever the fuck that means these days. Happy adoption.

Hey, and be safe this holiday ok? Don't get all sloshed on peach schnapps and think you can take the family El Camino out for a spin. It may look like a truck but it handles like a car. And if you have the time, take a moment to think about people who have less than you do. Yes, they exist. Maybe pop off a phone call, deliver some cookies, or donate some warm clothes. And if you get overwhelmed by family, or overwhelmed because your celebrating by yourself this year, just breathe, just breathe. It'll all be back to normal soon enough.

Happy Holidays.

Oh yea, and RunningFool is on the east coast away from his family this holiday season. If you're in his vicinity, hook the man up.

(cut to and lead out with RunningFool pinning pics and a new rendition of the Duckies in the Pond song.)

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