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Good job, baby.

You know what today's "Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day".

(Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day Animation)

We're getting a little short on RTFEDD animations, maybe you could help.

Fire eagle number one, keeping an eye on Somalia.

(shakes head with audible noise)

Yesterday, transitional government forces backed by Ethiopian troops retook control of the capital city of Mogadishu.

(quick cut to Ze mispronouncing 'Mogadishu'...)

Mogadishu had been under the control of the Union of Islamic Courts since this past June.

After months of vowing to put up a fight, the UIC had a change of heart when Ethiopian troops mowed down about a thousand teenage boys who were fighting in the Islamist militia.

Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed resigned as the leader of the Islamic Court Union yesterday.

His resignation came with a pledge that UIC members would not cause any violence in Mogadishu.

Sheik Ahmed said that the UIC surrendered Mogadishu to avoid a bloodbath but the movement itself would continue.

The transitional government began holding talks designed to bring together the different warring factions of Somalia but neglected anyone from the UIC.


The 'International Herald Tribune' published an op-ed accusing the US of fighting a proxy war in Somalia because of its role in training the Ethiopian troops.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi seen here being coy denied these accusations saying, "the US hasn't contributed a single bullet, a single soldier, or a single military equipment to this operation."

(cut to act)

"Here let me show you how to use that machine gun." "Sweet, thanks. Now I can go kill some..." "Shhhh...don't tell me." "Oh, okay. Well thanks." "Pst...wrong way. (motions direction opposite)"


Within Ethiopia, Prime Minster Zenawi has been accused of massive human rights violations.

Last year government forces killed hundreds of unarmed protestors and sent tens of thousands of opposition party members to jail.

The Washington Post reports that opponents to the war within Ethiopia accused Zenawi of feeding the US with bogus information of the role of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Courts in order to get continued support for his oppressive regime.

(shakes head with audible noise)

Fire eagle number two: local local news.

A couple weeks back, I asked for a hundred volunteers to test out The ORG. About three thousand of you signed up!

Well, as of today: all three thousand of you can go in and bounce around. If all that bouncing goes well, it will be open to everyone else...soon.

Fire eagle number three.

Running Fool needs a tiny bit more help.

Specifically on January 1st, he needs a ride between Madison, WI and Belmont, WI. If you're not going to be too hung over, click the link in the sidebar.

Fire eagle number four.

Have a safe and happy new year.

Pst! I put up a movie I made a couple of years ago in the sidebar.


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