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On the May 16, 2006 show (read transcript | watch movie) Ze issued a challenge to create an Earth Sandwich. The goal was to place two pieces of bread on the ground simultaneously at points directly opposite each other on the globe. Thus, if a piece of bread were placed on the ground in a specific location, while at the same time another piece of bread is placed on the ground at the exact opposite coordinates, a giant Earth Sandwich would be formed.

Ze provided a Google Maps tool for finding exact geographical opposites.

Creating an Earth Sandwich proved difficult because a relatively small percentage of the Earth's surface has solid ground on opposite sides, and finding compatible condiments proved to be a significant challenge. Mostly it was the Germans putting mayonaise over everything.

The "If the Earth Were a Sandwich" project page chronicles the pursuits of the hundreds of people participating in the project. On the June 12, 2006 show (read transcript | watch movie), Ze announced that (at least as far as he is concerned) two brothers have succeeded.

The project was featured prominently in the press.

See also: If the Earth were a Sandwich (song)

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