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I Gave Myself A Ducky Today: Making the Video

LATEST UPDATE: TerenceInParis 12:16, 9 January 2007 (PST)

This Project is ONGOING. We need your contributions in the form of short video clips and still pictures to make the music video for this punk holiday song. You can listen to the song [here]
These video clips and pictures should be inspired from the lyrics of the song.
DEADLINE FEBRUARY 7TH FOR YOUR INPUTS - Clip release date around Feb 15th. Contact TerenceInParis in the forum thread if you need more info
You can upload your video clips and pictures [here]. Once you have done so please post the link to your file with a clear name and a description of the file in the [video thread]
Join the video project discussion [in the forum]
Involved sportsracers: TerenceInParis, Miss jecka, Sk8dork, Lukkucairi, Diordna, Awed job, Lady leary, Bianca inez, Helsbells, Gunes, Pirateboy
Thanks to the French Sportsracer Team (FST): Marie, Martin, Christina, Erik, Olivier, Mirna, Luc, Fred

Still Pictures For the Shoutouts

If you are interested in appearing in the "shoutouts" part of the song send in a still picture of your sportsracer name and I will make it appear as a flash in the video.

Video Clips and Still Pictures

Scenes Still Needed:

  • Sportsracers dancing to the music
  • ducks - rubber, real, on tshirts, pictures of them etc..
  • someone in a psychiatrist's office
  • a duck flying off
  • someone running
  • bianca inez playing her guitar on the beach :)
  • a guy at a mixing console
  • someone holding a bat

Scenes finished so far:

  • ducks - rubber, real, on tshirts, pictures of them etc...(thanks Jecka !)
  • Sportsracers dancing to the music (thanks Bianca Inez, Miss Jecka, French Sportsracers !)
  • TinP looking deranged on christmas
  • someone who looks sad (thanks Jecka !)
  • Mirna stuck inside in front of the computer, sick in bed
  • People playing in the snow (thanks LadyLeary, waiting on Bison)
  • TinP opening a gift-wrapped ducky
  • A private eye (Martin) "looking for ze" and following his footprints
  • A sord of "special ducks" in a bermuda zoo (thanks Helsbells)
  • A girl (Marie acting as Gunes) feeding a cat
  • A pregnant girl (Christina acting as Jaime) cooking a plate of food and tasting it
  • A hardcharger (Erik) shooting at a duck.
  • The duck getting back at the hardcharger and attacking his throat.
  • A robot dancing
  • Cross dressers (Olivier and Luc) drinking tea
  • Someone playing a wierd looking guitar to the melody
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