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The Remote Hoedown-

The Remote Hoedown was a collaborative music project born of the forum community.[1] In a thread regarding what posters might do if they met Ze, several mentions were made of getting Ze to come "jam" with them. After realizing that a veritable cornucopia of musicians dwelt in the forums, the idea was spawned to create a song using contributed audio clips from participants across the country.

Somehow or another, the hoedown was chosen as a format.

Based on a predetermined tempo, a click track was created and basic chord progression posited. This gave each user the ability to record an audio clip of their voice or chosen instrument and upload it to a gallery space[2] provided by Ze for the project. The audio could then be compiled and mixed. After the participants agreed on a final version[3], the resulting hoedown was played at the top of the show, "Most Popular" on 2/21/07.[4].

Contributors included mik, panzyfaust, Pirateboy, Jaime, notwearingawire, sk8dork, lukkucairi, and wallopp.

Who Did What?

Pirateboy - Mandolin, Stomp-clap, Various Yee-hawws and hollers

panzyfaust - Idea, base rhythm guitar that starts song, solo guitar during srdd verse

wallopp - Top rhythm guitar, "who loves a duckie" three part harmony

lukkucairi - Various yodeling, "fuck, nevermind"

Mik - Mixed and engineered, vocals, bass, mouth harp, distorted guitar slide

notwearingawire - vocals

sk8dork - Percussion track

Jaime - vocals

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