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Suggested Moves

Aim for a Slav or Semi-Slav defense. This often leads to tactical, fun games. -- likesforests

1. ... d5 2. c4 c6

  • I think d5 is the best course of action. It threatens the center without allowing Ze to do anything crazy like capture the king pawn on an e5 move. Follow that up with e6 and we have open diagonal with a good position. BTW is anyone concerned that Ze can read all of our strategies? ~Mec

KP to K5

  • First!! How are we going to do this? We're white right? KP2 to KP4 Will that work?
    • The Problem with this move is that we are not white, Ze is, also, in Chess notation, whichever notation we use, it will be numbered 8 to 1 - meaning your move would be described as KP7 to KP 5. That would also give Ze an easy capture, so I'm going to say no on this one.
      • so you're saying you don't like that move then?
  • I dunno... my middle name isn't "checkmate" or even "it's a contact rash", but I have always been partial to KP7 to KP6 in order to keep the lines open for both the queen and the bishop.
  • i think that sounds like a decent move KP7 to KP6.

Sport Racer Strategy

May I suggest the possiblity that sport racers don't play chess? I think that we should just pull out a kick-ass powermove on Ze's King, and steal his queen and rooks. Ohhhhh Yeah

(Seriously, who expects a collarborative chess game to go well? It's nice that Ze's building up the social movement thingamabob, but what the hell?)

Pawn to Queen Five

  • I would like to apologize for the whole "pawn to queen five" comment. I just realised this move is impossible for black to make. As for the notation, I suggest algebraic notation (ranks nubered from white's end and files numbered from white's left) as any other form seems to confuse the heck outta me (as shown previously). -Funky Citrus

Strategy Discussion

Be careful out there Ze's middle name is Checkmate for a reason, he even beat his cat Annie once, although to be fair she might not be to good at chess since she tried the Nimzovitch defense against his king pawn opening... See the video of his victory dance afterwards here, click the button for "Proper Training".

Board to make it easier for people to see the game

This should make things a bit easier for sports racers to visualize the game.
This should make things a bit easier for sports racers to visualize the game.
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