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:::::...with macaroni cheese & police peeps... :::::...with macaroni cheese & police peeps...
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feeding the fabuloso friday...

...with macaroni cheese & police peeps...


Gelbi/Cerulean Ninja, I'm getting in touch with you to talk about voting. It's about 8:30 AM in NYC (and Orlando, where I reside). That only leaves about 15 hours of voting if we start right now. I don't anticipate Ze giving us any other instructions other than 'give me the script.' The nominations page is great. Do you agree we can just start voting on the under the line of the nominees we want to see? Bobbie mac 05:34, 22 June 2006 (PDT)

* Hello hello dude, thanks for looking us up! I am currently in UK (not sure where Gelbi resides), where it's around 14:08, so the voting period is going to be even shorter for Europe. Yes, the nominations page is a good first step... I can't wait to vote! Although, it's a bit difficult to begin, because (as you say) not everyone in the US is awake yet?... On the other hand, you know what you like already, so it's only fair that you cast your vote. Besides, the rest of the peeps would have followed the process to some extent... and would also know which sections they enjoy. I say Yahar vote away, dude :D. Let's see what G and the other peeps think... But, yah I will if you do. :) Good luck! CeruleanNinja 06:18, 22 June 2006 (PDT)
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