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"Consider the story of Hosea Frank, a 'little guy' who has become a big player online thanks to the internet (my prediction: it’s only a matter of time before he’s a household name in entertainment across the board)."
"Have you seen the recipe for an earth sandwich?"
"To inspire his audience, Ze composed a ballad, 'If the Earth were a sandwich...' It's hummable. Beautiful even. So for the last few weeks, all over the world people have been rushing about, emailing, texting and trekking in an effort to arrange a simultaneous sandwich moment. This past week, apparently, it happened."
"Ze Frank thought that farming out his script would provide some answers. Which explains why at 11 a.m. on June 9 he was sitting before a video camera with freshly dyed red hair, wearing a fake mustache, puffing a fake pipe and stroking a stuffed cat, sitting in an armchair next to a globe, a rubber duck, two pieces of white bread and a framed portrait of Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court justice — an absurd array of props mandated by the script."
"'Fantasizing aside?' says vlogger genius Ze Frank in a recent installment of his daily three-minute webcast The Show, answering a viewer's question as to what exactly motivates this frenetic exercise in freestyle news commentary, political snarl, and raggedly personal hilarity. 'A side of what? Bacon?'"
  • A non-video interview from 2002 is here. (Old but has some good Ze philosophy in it.)
  • More non-video from 2006 is here.
  • Audio-only recording of two geeky performances is here and here. (looses a bit due to lack of video). IT Conversations videos can be seen here:Leigh Bureau
  • More press here... help bring it over please
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