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  • A recent (post-Fabuloso Friday I) interview from NYT can be seen here.
  • Some more media exposure (from Google) here.
  • A non-video interview from 2002 is here. (Old but has some good Ze philosophy in it.)
  • More non-video from 2006 is here.
  • Audio-only recording of two geeky performances is here and here. (looses a bit due to lack of video). IT Conversations videos can be seen here:Leigh Bureau
  • The Earth Sandwich Project was featured on NPR on June 17, 2006 here.
  • More media here.

6/15/2006 - New York Times Video: "Online Collaborative Comedy" interviewed by Warren St. John http://video.on.nytimes.com/ifr_main.jsp?nsid=b-7e6b368b:10c16fae881:67c7&rf=sv&fr_story=c6bc3a3add5740b12bc8f490af760e3480993468&st=1151443968375&mp=WMP&cpf=true&fr=061706_054238_41f98fb5x10be3cd26d0xw77b&rdm=277650.33142128633 [1]

6/26/2006 - wbur.org: "Net Neutrality and the Arts" Author: Adrienne LaFrance http://blogs.wbur.org/arts/?p=356 [2]

Excerpt: "Consider the story of Hosea Frank, a “little guy” who has become a big player online thanks to the internet (my prediction: it’s only a matter of time before he’s a household name in entertainment across the board).

It all began for Zefrank, as he’s known, with an e-vite he created for his 29th birthday party. He sent an e-mail containing video clips of himself performing a series of goofy dances to a couple of friends. In three days, the e-mail had been forwarded around the world to over a million people.

Since then, Frank has developed an award-winning website that includes interactive drawing programs, humor and more. In March, he launched an online daily show, in which he tackles news issues, plenty of toilet humor, and assigns goofy-brilliant projects (like creating an Earth Sandwich) to his devoted viewers, dubbed “sports racers.”

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