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"Consider the story of Hosea Frank, a 'little guy' who has become a big player online thanks to the internet (my prediction: it’s only a matter of time before he’s a household name in entertainment across the board)."
"Have you seen the recipe for an earth sandwich?"
"I'm addicted to ze frank... Today, ze talks about a useless form letter he received from Delta after his flight was canceled and he asked for a refund. Pure vlogcast gold." (more boingboing.net articles...)
"If you haven't seen Ze Frank's hilarious videoblog, it's worth checking out."
"Ze Frank thought that farming out his script would provide some answers. Which explains why at 11 a.m. on June 9 he was sitting before a video camera with freshly dyed red hair, wearing a fake mustache, puffing a fake pipe and stroking a stuffed cat, sitting in an armchair next to a globe, a rubber duck, two pieces of white bread and a framed portrait of Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court justice — an absurd array of props mandated by the script."
"To inspire his audience, Ze composed a ballad, 'If the Earth were a sandwich...' It's hummable. Beautiful even. So for the last few weeks, all over the world people have been rushing about, emailing, texting and trekking in an effort to arrange a simultaneous sandwich moment. This past week, apparently, it happened."
"The unshaven, deep-voiced, and scatologically inclined raconteur free-associates on whatever random thoughts trespass his unhinged consciousness... you should check Ze Frank out. And soon."
"'Fantasizing aside?' says vlogger genius Ze Frank in a recent installment of his daily three-minute webcast The Show, answering a viewer's question as to what exactly motivates this frenetic exercise in freestyle news commentary, political snarl, and raggedly personal hilarity. 'A side of what? Bacon?'"
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