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Reading Boing Boing I found a link to an item they posted on September 13, 2006--a tarot deck with iconic street signs.

Lo and behold! One of the Major Arcana is the Giant Baby!

It's called the Aeon, and is card No. 20 (Judgement), but it is definitely the Giant Baby!

Holy Crappenfest! The Day of Judgement is at hand!

Wikipedia has a very thorough article on the Aeon. And this webpage on the XXth card, Judgement is evidently the source for the Wikipedia article (Judgement, above).

Aeon is also a company in Malaysia, and the name of a Nokia concept phone which makes the Apple phone look like last year's news.

For those of you too lazy to click on a link, here are some of the meanings of the XXth card of the Arcana:

making a judgment having a day of reckoning separating the wheat from the chaff making an honest appraisal getting off the fence using critical faculties taking a stand making hard choices

feeling reborn awakening to possibilities transforming enjoying renewed hope making a fresh start seeing everything in a new light discovering joy

hearing a call recognizing your true vocation feeling inner conviction feeling an impulse to act deciding to make a difference feeling drawn in a new direction knowing what you must do answering a need

finding absolution feeling cleansed and refreshed releasing guilts and sorrows forgiving yourself and others atoning for past mistakes unburdening yourself feeling sins washed away

No wonder the Giant Baby catches Ze's eye in airports.

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