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Poop n. A waste product from a creature's digestive system expelled from the anus. Syn. excrement, feces poop.jpg


Poop is known for being brown and squishy, but it can be many colors and many textures. Baby poop, for example, is runny and light green. Some medications can give you weird-colored poop, such as orange. Taco Bell can give you diarrhea, which is watery poop and not at all fun. The Japanese have cute poop, as seen here:


Where To Poop

Creatures poop in different ways, in many shapes and colors. For example, deer poop in little pellets, fish poop in long strands that sometimes trail behind them, and birds poop in people's eyes. Most human beings poop in toilets. There are all sorts of toilets, including the chamber pot, the outhouse, the Golden Toilet, and the flushing toilet. Some toilets even spray water or play music! Humans are the only animals that regularly poop in toilets, although other animals have been know to be up to it. Here are examples of different toilets around the world. But no matter what the toilet is like, the pooping experience can still be fun.

Herbeau-toilet.jpg The royal toilet

toilet.gif The kind of toilet you probably have in your house

potty-train.jpg Baby toilet

Niger%20latrine.jpg A smelly hole in the ground

C3TOILg.jpg Porta potties

180px-French_Squatter_Toilet.jpg The squat toilet, which is definitely a pain in the ass to use

Bidet_standard.jpg A french toilet

germantoilet.jpg A former German toilet -- note the poop shelf

Pooping Back and Forth

Sometimes people like to express their affection by 'poop'-ing back and forth. Most likely this in reference to Miranda July's movie 'Me And You And Everyone We Know'.

The internationally accepted symbol for this activity is ))<>((

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