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(the show: 03-22-06 | the replay)

i’d forgotten how fast i was on the road in this series and how fast I opened up into play mode. One thing I loved about the show, especially in the beginning, was that it gave some sort of purpose to wherever I was. Hotel rooms became archeological artifacts, and I would start to search for humor or commentary in whatever space I occupied at the moment. Later on it became a bit of a curse. I wound up in a constant state of being there but not being there, always half in conversation and half thinking about how it might relate to a joke or segment. But in the beginning it was all very exciting. I know that I was very proud of the “rainbow getting it’s ass kicked by chuck norris” line – even though in replay it isn’t all that funny and in the intervening years the chuck norris meme has lost most of its sparkle – but it represented an attempt to integrate a more natural kind of casual banter that I use in everyday life. when i watch it now i realized I had remembered it wrong… i thought i had said something about rainbows puking and that it was a two staged joke… bah.

At this point there was no interaction with the audience whatsoever (there was very little audience to participate with) and I was still posting on the main blog with raw embedded quicktime videos.

I also know that I was pretty hungover in the next show. yay.

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