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(the show: 03-24-06 | the replay)

very proud of the “first coming” line, probably my second favorite turn of phrase during the whole run.

the moment that stands out to me in this episode is the beginning “let’s spend some quality time” segment. It was an attempt to try something along the theme that I had been using on for a number of years, namely: “many have come but i like you the best.” the format up to this point had been a pretty standard one-to-many broadcast – and this was the first time I played with the strange intimacy of the podcast. I wish I had held it a little longer, and hadn’t used the line “this is awkward.”

It’s subtle, but even watching it now – knowing what was coming – I had that weird sensation of self awareness on the line “you are staring at me”. This is what I referred to as the 5th wall in a later episode. A simple explanation might be: If breaking the 4th wall is in the awareness that actors are acting – or that the setting is fabricated, breaking the 5th wall is when the viewer is suddenly aware of themselves in relation to the media and its maker, how close they are, how far away… I also called it emotional proximity, but i’m not sure if that is the best term for it either. Whatever you call it, playing around in that space was the single most important, fun, strange and difficult aspect of my experience in creating the show.

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