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(the show: 04-11-06 | the replay)

I forgot how much news I tried to tackle in the early episodes – maybe the later ones too, and I’m impressed that you stuck with me for this stuff. A lot of pretty tricky relationships going on, and judgement calls about information transparency that I didn’t spend a lot of time explaining. I have to admit that I’m barely following a lot of this, and I hope it’s not because I’m getting older! Yes. No. I. This is. was a gift from George. What a beautiful statement. It encapsulates all of what was going on at the time politically in the same way that Charlie Bit My Finger summed up every aspect of the dramatic arts. Rhythmically it’s great too and the phrase made it into a song.

I was asked about the duck reference and where it came from. It didn’t really come from anywhere except that it seemed to fit with the spirit of the show. And when I say “fit” I mean in the way that certain words fit into the giggling conversation that you had at a sleepover. When I said who likes the little little duckies in the pond originally it certainly did not intend to refer to the audience – but like all the best parts of the show it took on meaning based on your reaction.

I’m glad that I started to move out of the apartment a bit. It was fun to be able to bring the world into the game a bit. That toilet seat was not staged! So weird…

And that power move! Wow! That is so awesome. I love watching it. It makes me smile so wide. And if you actually try it (especially with another person) it’s almost impossible not to laugh.

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