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[Fun Winter Song Remix by Sports Racer]

Good afternoon, Sportsracers. You're watching the show with Ze Frank.

What's your power move? Ughr!

Knowledge says this ain't your Grandma's internet, and we all respond yes yes.

Some say, "Who?" some that it's a new Renaissance yes yes, and for context we go back. This is a book I received for Christmas. It's called the Da Vinci Notebooks. He was a Renaissance man yes yes. In it we find unadulterated transcripts from his notebooks. Yes yes, observations on art, invention, and the world around him. If I may [holds up index finger]:

This from studies on the life and habits of animals:

We read of the beaver who "when pursued knowing that it is for the virtue contained in its medicinal testicles and not being able to escape it stops, and to be at peace with its pursuers it bites off its testicles with its sharp teeth and leaves them to its enemies."

Humor me for one more excerpt: "The unicorn through its intemperance and not knowing how to control itself for the love it bears to fair maidens, forgets its ferocity and wildness and, laying aside all fear, it will go up to a seated damsel and go to sleep in her lap, and thus the hunters take it."

Well that was the Renaissance then; how about now?

We read of Ailin Graef and a story that has penetrated the blogosphere.

For those of you not familiar, Ms. Graef created a virtual character named Anshe Chung in the virtual world Second Life. Within Second Life, Anshe has become a virtual real estate mogul, buying, developing, and selling virtual property for the virtual currency used within Second Life: Liden dollars. Linden Dollars, however, can be officially exchanged for real money, for example, on Ebay. In November, Graef announced she was the first online personality to become a real millionaire from profits entirely earned inside a virtual world. That got her an interview with Cnet news which was held inside of Second Life. That interview became, by my estimation, one billion times more interesting when hackers caused a barrage of giant penises to slowly float across the stage. It's currently not known whether these virtual penises can officially be traded for real-world penises, and, if so, at what exchange rate?

The interview itself didn't go so well. Ailin Graef's husband, Guntram Graef, filed a copyright complaint against Youtube for distributing the video. The copyright complaint was dropped after it was discovered that Guntram's penis did not resemble any of those pictured. Guntram, however, still considers the virtual incident offensive and a sexual attack on his real wife.

In the midst of all this, Valleywag posted an article questioning how exactly Anshe Chung made her million/ The article claims that Anshe worked as a virtual female escort, an activity which apparently involves talking or typing dirty while the participants watch sexy 3d animations.

Where exactly did the million come from, erecting virtual condos or... never mind.

But the Renaissance is, today, as it was: dismembered genitalia and imaginary creatures lying in the laps of fair damsels.

Yes yes, this is Ze Frank, thinking so you don't have to.

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