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[Intro by two students. Bearded student:] From a chapel of South-West Baptist University, [other student:] this is The Show with Ze Frank.

[Pic of forum entry.] Referring to yesterdays show, rollome writes: "I think he wrote the show using a MadLibs template."

[Ze:] Oh MadLibs, my old travelling friend, cousin to those books with the invisible puzzles inside, that you'd solve with that orange magic pen with the soft white tip, designed so that you wouldn't stab your eyes out from boredom.

Man against book. Battleship was my favorite.

Anyway, rollome, ... expletive you. You try verb ending with -ing and adjective noun.

[Pic of forum entry.] DangerAmy writes: "Do a show on magnets. I like magnets."

Good idea, DangerAmy, let's play that makes me think of...

Magnets are collections, collections of highly ordered particles.

The more particles and the more order, the greater the magnetic field.

Greater attraction and greater repulsion. Collections of things take work, and in the case of a collection of particles that make up a magnet, it involves heat, electricity of high pressure.

In the case of a collection of magnets it involves you and your friends travelling to distant places and bringing back crap you can stick on your fridge.

Work: People do work to collect all kind of things: Teddy bears, stamps, even forks.

When I was a kid, I collected rocks, coins and stickers.

Oh Lisa Frank, my name sake, you certainly knew how to combine hearts and rainbows. [Round picture with hearts, clouds and a rainbow.]

Just like with magnets, the greater the number of items there are in your collection, and the more highly ordered they are, the greater the amount of attraction and repulsion that your collection will generate.

[Ze, excited] Oh my god, you have 2000 refrigerator magnets arranged by their geographical origin? That's so cool!

[Ze, aghast] Oh my god, you have 2000 refrigerator magnets arranged by their geographical origin? I have go now!

Sometimes, just by doing the same thing a lot, you can wind up with a collection without really intending to...

Like if you eat tuna every day, you could wind up with a mercury collection.

[Ze, sulky] I wish it wasn't always bad stuff.

[Ze, inquisitorial] Mr. Frank, I have to ask you this: Do you eat a lot of buttered bagels?

[Ze, insecure] Yeah, almost every day. Why?

[Ze] I thought so. That explains the nugget of gold that we found in your ass.

Now, we could remove it, and you could cash it in for about 600 bucks. Or, keep eatin' bagels, and maybe push it to a grand.

Humans, like all living things, spend a lot of energy collecting and sorting things, either in their external environment or inside their bodies.

Extracting calcium to make bones.

Alphabetizing a book shelf.

Making lists of good restaurants.

It's a struggle against chaos, and things like the second law of thermodynamics.

In case you don't know, the second law of thermodynamics is the popular sequel of the first law of thermodynamics.

And like most sequels, it starts well, but eventually falls apart.

[Picture of text saying: "IF YOU GOT THAT JOKE -- YOU ARE A HUGE NERD"]

Ideally you find a balance between an attraction to and a repulsion from chaos.

Strike too much towards order and you'll find yourself with a massive collection of political campaign buttons.

Or gobs of mercury in your blood stream.

And people will add the word -freak on the end of whatever you do.

Ya neat-freak.

Strike too much towards chaos, and people will call you crazy.

You want the push and pull all in one. Like a magnet.

Quick housekeeping: All power moves are due by this Thursday night.

And I'm sorry, but photographs don't count. I can't see the move in your power move.

Congratulations to Awed_Job and the rest of the sports racers that worked on the video for Ray!

It's done, and there's a link in the side bar!

Excellent work! Now I gotta figure out how to get it to 'em.

[Snippet of Ray's video playing.]

This show's sponsors - Gimme some candy

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Image:theshow-sponsor-2-0.gif    One little duckie for the dancing.

Image:theshow-sponsor-1-8.gif    for hugs and kisses and clinging, for ana.

Image:theshow-sponsor-2-3.gif    feel better!

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