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Hi. (now blinking freely)

This is my first Saturday show.

Saturdays are funny because they don't really belong to the week that just passed, but they don't really feel like the week to come either.

Ideally, they're play days, and so that's what I did. I stayed up last night and I worked on something for you. It's a bit... rough around the edges, but it'll have to do.

(Sings, with black and white footage of past shows listed below each lyric line.)

This is a sad sad song about leaving

(clip: the show: 03-17-06 "first show")(clip: the show: 04-27-06 "stairs")(clip: the show: 05-05-06 "anti-intellectualism")

This is the price you pay when you purchase a feeling

(clip: the show: 06-19-06 "bonesaw")(clip: the show: 05-02-06 "Coca Cola Blak")(clip: the show: 04-11-06 "power move")(clip: the show: 08-30-06 "fingers in food")

It's where the conversation slowly fades and you start saying

(clip: the show: 11-27-06 "scrabble")(clip: the show: UNKNOWN "cowboy sportsracer")

"Hey there, do you have a ride for me?

(clip: the show: UNKNOWN "running fool intro")

'Cause it's late and I've got to go to bed."

(clip: the show: 11-27-06 " win")(clip: the show: 11-14-06 "LOA Olympics: phone dancing")

This is a sweet sweet song about beginnings

(clip: the show: UNKNOWN "young girl intro")(clip: the show: UNKNOWN "ze seated in jacket smoking candle snuffer")

These are the first few words that you say in the morning

(clip: the show: 02-27-07 "ray")(clip: the show: 01-04-07 "placement")(clip: the show: 05-16-06 "earth sandwich")

It's when you start singing, "Hey, I'm only (insert your age here)"

(clip: jon and duncan's earth sandwich video:")(clip: the show: 05-16-06 "from the detroit airport with love")

Hallelujah, it's a brand new day (a-chicka quack quack)

(clip: the show: 05-16-06 "from the detroit airport with love")

Hallelujah, it's a brand new day

(clip: the show: 04-20-06 "group power move") (zoom in on "the show with ze frank" logo)

Thank you so much for an amazing year.

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