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Good morning Sports Racers it's Friday June second next Friday's show'll be created by you. Details on Monday. Knowledge reminds us that there's more than one way to skin a cat. But from the cat's perspective they all suck.

News from the neighborhood.

It's just like the internet: fabuloso. In my neighborhood there's places you can find respectable news sources. You can read the headlines for free but then you have to put up with all those annoying ads. But if you pay money you can read the news in an ad-free environment. Luckily there's tons of news sources that're free. It's seems like anyone can just publish whatever they want, and set up a delivery mechanism. The free stuff may look cheap but at least it's badly written. Look, people even leave comments. In this democratic space people finally have the ability to advertise their services for next to nothing. Screw the fancy corporations, Angel'S's seems more genuine. Look I found a course on writing humor! Check it out, I took a picture of dog poop! Dog poop was almost on my shoes!

Yeah, I should probably take that course.

CNN world reports "'carrot-stick' deal agreed on Iran".

Ooo you said you weren't gonna swear, mister carrot's dick.

No it's carrot-stick.

Yeah that's what I said carrot's dick why don't you just say carrot's big fat cock?

No it's like a metaphor, like when you're riding an ass and trying to get it to move.

Oooh I get it, the ass wants his carrot, not his dick.

Right, maybe the ass is hungry and hasn't had a carrot in a while.

Hey CNN copy boy, read your headlines out loud.

In order to end a diplomatic standoff over Iran's nuclear program, the five veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council have come up with a set of proposals. The US has insisted that in order for there to be talks about Iran stopping its nuclear enrichment program, Iran must first stop its nuclear enrichment program.

One of you, I forget who, pointed that out. Maybe next Friday you'll be fabuloso.

According to CNN, President Bush will promote a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on Monday. The amendment would need two thirds support in both the House and the Senate, ratification by at least thirty-eight states' legislatures and stands as little chance of passing as a transvestite in a low cut halter top at a Republican fundraiser.

Good news for Batwoman. CNN reports that DC Comics has re-released the superhero as a lesbian.

Who knew?

The BBC released video of another incident in which US Marines may have deliberately killed up to eleven Iraqi civilians.

This isn't working.

Have a good weekend Sports Racers, this is Ze Frank thinking so you don't have to.


The Fabuloso Friday logo is based on the piece of packaging which is shown at 00:14.

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