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Boy in wheelchair lift: Good morning sports racers. Knowledge is getting on the bus

Ze: Thanks buddy.

"Thank you." Funny words, right? We throw them around quite a bit, when doors are opened, when money is exchanged, when applications are rejected. "Thank you for your patience." It's surprising that 'thank you' isn't more damaged than it is considering all its casual uses. At its weakest it's an automated response devoid of emotion. Two syllables of social currency that say, "Yes, I'm still willing to participate in this world and I acknowledge your efforts to do the same." (Thanks man) Evil geniuses don't say thank you because they don't care that we exist. Even when their gratitude's apparent small children have to be trained to vocalize their thanks. (Stern mommy voice: "What do you say to the nice man that gave you a lollypop?" Kid voice: "Uh, Now I have a lollypop?" Stern mommy voice: "No, we say 'thank you.'" Kid voice: "Now I have lollypop, thank you?") It comes in handy later in life when you don't actually feel anything but you're still obligated to fulfill that social contract. The actual feeling of gratitude can be hard to come by. Like most emotions, you can't just conjure it up when you're given a pair of lime-green socks. In these cases your sincerity doesn't need to be measured by whether or not your words match the appreciation that you feel. Instead your sincerity can be measured by your honest desire to make the other person feel good, feel appreciated. These sorts of "thank you"s are a gift.

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