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[Dude with beard, winter hat, and chunky hipster glasses] Greetings sports racers from sunny Nassau, Bahamas. This is the show with Ze Frank.

[Ze] Yes, it certainly is.

First some housekeeping.

If you remember there was a German kid who lamented the fact that he had no money to buy a shirt. Sportsracers sent in money to help the poor bastard out and they designed the shirt to be sent.

Well, the day has arrived that said shirt, and others, are on the back of its rightful owner.

(cut to a pic of the German kid in his custom red shirt)

[Dramatic Voice] There he stands in all his German glory wearing an "ich bin ein Sportsracer" t-shirt.

(cut back to Ze)

Wait, you're not standing German, you're standing like you could be from anywhere.

(cut to German kid in yellow "Fabuluouso" shirt)

[Ze] Well... that's a little better.

(cut to German kid in a white LOA shirt with his hands at his hips)

[Ze] Oh yea. Now that's how you stand German.

(cut to a clip comparing the German kid to David Hasselhoff)


How do you work this thing?
How do you work this thing?
I've tried and tried and tried and tried-

[/end Song]

But... how do you work that thing?

Second bit of housekeeping: As you may know, RunningFool from the forum is still looking for help in his attempts to travel from Eugene, Oregon to New York City and back.

This human baton is still looking to fill some gaps as he attempts to complete the journey using only Sportsracers for travel and lodging.

As the project has been deemed "Awesome Level Two" it qualifies for funding from the "Girly Sportsracer Genius" grant.

The League of Awesomeness has used these funds to purchase running fool a video camera with which he will document the trip.

In return the League has asked for only one thing: that running fool bring with him a jacket of some sort onto which each Sportsracer that he meets will pin a button.

Each pinning should be photographed and sent in promptly.

RunningFool, with the help of that jacket, you'll fit in anywhere.

(an "I'm Gonna Whip Somebody's Ass" remix plays in the background)

Third bit of housekeeping:

(clip showing Awed Job's post on the form and various custom sketches - by Awed Job)

Awed Job from the forum has offered to give a custom sketch to anyone who contributes video toward the "I'm Gonna Whip Somebody's Ass" music video.

Upon completion, the music video along with all the remixes will be delivered to Ray, in person.

If you'd like to contribute, go to the forum to find out how.

Fourth bit of housekeeping, sort of:

According to CNN, Federal judges ruled that the US Treasury Department is violating the law having failed to design paper currency in a way that can be easily distinguished by people who are visually impaired.

You know I've never though of it, but now that I do, that must really suck.

[Visually Impaired Person holding up a twenty dollar bill] Is this a one or a twenty?
[Cashier] (hesitantly) It's a one.

Judge James Robertson has ordered the Treasury Department to begin working on a method to tell bills apart within thirty days.

It's a design challenge.

The American Council for the Blind has submitted some ideas already and if you have any, put them in the gallery and we'll do the same.

(cut to pic of German kid in LOA shirt)

[Ze in a german accent] And now we are done with the housekeeping.

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