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August 31, 2004


you may have noticed i have a penchant for self deprication -

of the 70 some odd comments i received after a recent conference here are the negative ones:

He was amusing and held my attention. His work didn't seem that great though -- he was more legendary than talented.

Only problem, what was the point he was trying to make?

Seemed more like an overview of his portfolio. No real point made.

Use of profanity was innapropriate and unprofessional.

not what i thought it would be

Left early... wasn't working for me

Talented designer/developer, but not a good choice for a conference opening with the Macromedia name on it.

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August 30, 2004

Bea afraid, Bea very afraid

This I just love: makes me miss the Golden Girl's wacky adventures...

IN THE WORLD of terrorism, there's al Queda, there's the Chechnyan rebels...

And then there's Maude.

Bea Arthur sparked a security scare at Logan Airport in Boston this week when she tried to board a Cape Air flight with a pocketknife in her handbag.

The "Golden Girls" star, now 81, was flagged by a Transportation Security Administration agent, who discovered the knife - a strict no-no following 9/11.

"She started yelling that it wasn't hers and said 'The terrorists put it there,' " a fellow passenger said. "She kept yelling about the 'terrorists, the terrorists, the terrorists.' "

After the blade was confiscated, Arthur took a keyring from her bag and told the agent it belonged to the "terrorists," before throwing it at them.

As she boarded the plane, she told the TSA employees, "We're all doomed."

A spokeswoman for Cape Air says, "Miss Arthur was cracking jokes and was a real character."

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August 29, 2004

they're heeeeeeere

so the republicans have arrived in NY. of course we have them here year round, but they are the domesticated sort, able to walk through chelsea without staring at two men holding hands. these folks are different. they wear matching red shorts, white shirts and blue baseball caps and are staggeringly drunk by 9PM. The New York chapters of the Bloods and Crips have had to temporarily suspend their traditional markings in favor of a bright pink and a lime green...its impossible to tell what's going on. why did they have to do it here? Why not in a revival tent in Kansas where they could have surrounded the damn thing with 20,000 cops on horses or even elephants (a tribute to the Shah), planes flying over head...the blimp would have had a place to land if those poor crewmembers got hungry or, god forbid, bored. This town doesn't need the risk, especially if we were chosen because our scars are a convenient backdrop.

In any case, be nice to them. Buy them a drink or seven. Maybe the hangover will keep them inside. For their own good...there's all kind of bacteria on the street hot dogs, and people put razor blades in the payphone change slots.

here's a list of alternet activities this week in NYC, Thursday is a particularly good day: altguidenyc

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August 28, 2004

fast food net

Along the lines of Multiply.com, a new breed of DOY community collaborative web spaces is emerging. Here's the latest: Netomat

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August 25, 2004

b-room redding

this is fun to read Tricks of the Trade - something i'd love to read on the thing with the water in it that you poop into.

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tell me

stories about bad or strange experiences you've had with customer service reps for your cell phone account.

also: came across this site, whose owner David Stern will be helping to create a drawtoy for zefrank.com that allows for collaborative drawings - photoshop pong style, without requiring you to take screenshots...

also: frieda, a member of the zefrank.com message board (one of the earliest adopters) has just hit 10,000 posts - which is what the French call a "shitload", although she isn't French. yes. and when i say "hit" i don't mean it in the sense of "i just hit myself with this pen, ha ha ha" i mean it in the "we're going to the party, yes, hit hit hit" sense.

also: no one sings me songs no more.

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August 24, 2004


Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things. yes. it is.

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August 23, 2004


and lelping is my favorite.

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soundy cloth

i'm currently starting a collaboration with Alyce Santoro and her sonic fabric. audio tape is woven into wearable clothing that can both record and play back sound.


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August 22, 2004

this day

was not such a good day. but even on the worst sort of days this makes me smile.

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August 21, 2004


Once there was a little Prince who discovered love and wanted desperately to... - i've posted this before but just can't get enough of it - the splash screen at abnormal behavior child.

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August 20, 2004

A New Day

just set up this new blog - the software is free at moveabletype. I'm a bit crap at setting up the templates so it may take me a while to get this thing looking pretty.

in the mean time please check out the new drawtoy galleries

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