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August 29, 2004

they're heeeeeeere

so the republicans have arrived in NY. of course we have them here year round, but they are the domesticated sort, able to walk through chelsea without staring at two men holding hands. these folks are different. they wear matching red shorts, white shirts and blue baseball caps and are staggeringly drunk by 9PM. The New York chapters of the Bloods and Crips have had to temporarily suspend their traditional markings in favor of a bright pink and a lime green...its impossible to tell what's going on. why did they have to do it here? Why not in a revival tent in Kansas where they could have surrounded the damn thing with 20,000 cops on horses or even elephants (a tribute to the Shah), planes flying over head...the blimp would have had a place to land if those poor crewmembers got hungry or, god forbid, bored. This town doesn't need the risk, especially if we were chosen because our scars are a convenient backdrop.

In any case, be nice to them. Buy them a drink or seven. Maybe the hangover will keep them inside. For their own good...there's all kind of bacteria on the street hot dogs, and people put razor blades in the payphone change slots.

here's a list of alternet activities this week in NYC, Thursday is a particularly good day: altguidenyc

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