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October 27, 2004

damn calendar....makes it look so crappy when I haven't blogged for a while. i am not a blogger it turns out. crap. wish i had the stamina. i've been working on a couple of things recently. one is a series of short films I hope you can all see in the near future. the other has been preparing for and speaking at poptech this past extended weekend. i don't perform often so my stress level is fairly high when i prepare for these things. preparation ends up being the only thing i have under my control, so i tend to spend nearly a month working through material. i had 30 minutes in total, and divided it up into three segments.

first i did a routine on email and SPAM, some of which i'll post soon...second was a brief history of the site...and third was a live version of the full script of "red alert", which is about twice as long as the online version. its tough to time out a show when you practice to a wall or mirror. inanimate objects don't laugh...ever.

the show went well though, and the rest of the conference was extremely interesting.

highlights for me:

meeting Jason kottke of kottke.org..now that's a dude who can blog yo.

Malcolm Gladwell's talk on the instability of asking people to say what they like. his new book "Blink" is coming out in January.

Ethan Zuckerman- a geek obsessed with entrepreneur's in developing countries. in a conference that was dour throughout, his talk and this one were quite uplifting.

this guy is great too...if you are in NY check out his whack sense of humor as a troubadour.

and lastly zero boy was very funny.

by the way - thanks so much for all the amazing links and comments while i was down.

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October 4, 2004

please post links in the comments to cheer me up

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