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February 6, 2005

Augmented reality demo video: mindblowing

Cory Doctorow: Total Immersions has an "augmented reality" tool called D'Fusion Technology, as demonstrated in the Windows Media (ugh) video-stream (ugh) linked from the page below. It's pretty stunning: real people and objects are captured with video cameras and then three-dimensional virtual objects are seamlessly matted in, so that the demonstrator appears to be holding a bouquet of flowers that turns into a lightsaber, then a helicopter flies over the audience, etc. The gaming applications are pretty rad -- think of EyeToy with about a thousand times more granularity and interaction. Link (via Waxy)
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Comments (3)

This is like the 250 Mb of Yahoo mail for special visual effects.. More easy making of known effects.. cool!

Posted by: LaLe at February 8, 2005 2:01 AM

I want one!

Posted by: Eric at February 8, 2005 6:07 PM

In the architects firm where my brother works they use something like this, with futuristic glasses with cameras on so they can pick up buildings and stuff and move them around in conferences! We are living in the future!

Posted by: Si at February 9, 2005 10:11 AM

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