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April 25, 2005

on making

i receive quite a few emails each week asking me to post content more regularly on my site. just so you know i wish i was in a position to spend all my time coming up with things for you to look at and play with. i really love doing it....more than anything else. unfortunately I have to do other things as well, some to make money, and some to pursue other fun and strange interests that have cropped up over time.

please have a patient relationship with this site. i promise i care about it and i care that you come here to find new things, and i will continue to add things as i make them. sometimes i will add alot in a short period of time. most likely that will mean i am feeling lost and anxious, and am trying to soothe myself by working. other times i might only add things once every month. that usually means I am having fun doing other things like travelling or speaking or writing or collaborating. if i don't post for a while maybe you could smile to yourself and say "its nice that he's having fun", and then you could send me a picture for one of the projects on the site that you have overlooked.

for me, the best part of the site is the stuff i didn't make...the contributions that you send me. in any conversation it can be awkward when there are long pauses.

but old friends never seem to mind.

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Tinotopia: Counterfeiting, Adobe Photoshop, Copyright, and the Future - Part I

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April 20, 2005

nice project

Chris Coyne.com CFDG - Context Free Design Grammar

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April 18, 2005

love letter to condi

from a submissive partner

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April 11, 2005


The Contagious Media Showdown.

enter your own creation and try to win up to $5,000!

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won a rubber arrow

thanks to all of you who have contributed to the site. zefrank.com won an award in the "experimental" category at the san fran Flash Forward Film Fetsival.

airport security loves it.

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