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May 7, 2005

some participatory projects


- up front presentation confessions site

dailyconfession - buried links and mega analysis

postsecret - confessions with a phys. space component

vent - text based venting blog

boxed thoughts - collaborative thought stream

ecotonoha - chat tree

100 words - collection of what you can do with 100 words (limitations)

fiction project

renga - very old rule system for Japanese participatory poetry


explodingdog - author illustrates your quotes

emotion eric - makes faces based on user suggestions

infinitecat - user contribute a simple element to a curated photoshop project

zoom quilt - small group curated project

squaredcircle - not really a comm project but a good example of a flickr hack



mirror project - collections of mirror pics (allows curated galleries)

mycathatesyou - photo collection on theme

sorry everybody- photo collection on theme

extreme ironing
- photo collection on theme

all your base - photo collection on theme (with stage 2 finish)

this is broken - pic collection with bad usability theme (focus on discussion)

photofriday - theme based photo challenge (away links)

vintage vandals - fun small group curation of photoshop pong

lego - good company execution of contributio n

rate my mullet - one in a series of hot or not hacks

learning to love you more - rule based assignments and galleries


foundcity - mapping tool with tags for urban spaces

addyourown - wikki hack for city mapping of restaurant

vimeo - flickr but with film (suggests a hack by having a group play function)

blogathon - organization site for 24 hour blogging marathon for charity



16color- competition, movies made with a small app

ten second films - vid contest with simple rule set

cow movies- very complex movie making tool


bzzz speak - audio collection of children making common sounds


yellow arrow - physical graffiti mixed with stored SMS info

found magazine - collection of user submitted found art (Bern Porter)

i need to stop soon - travelogue of meat space adventures

1000 journals- facilitation tool for meat space collaborative journal writing

jpgmag- phys. space version of theme based photo challenge

5K awards- contest for 5K and under websites (limitations)


join me - abstract club/cult

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Comments (4)

mhmmmm very interseting stuff here
bookmarked it:))

Posted by: anna at May 8, 2005 4:29 PM

mhmmmm very interesting stuff here
bookmarked it:))

Posted by: anna at May 8, 2005 4:29 PM

...and don't forget:
, the explodingdog of songwriting.

Posted by: Shane at May 11, 2005 5:50 AM

that vintage vandals show is artists that have physically incorporated their artwork over artwork found at thrift stores. not through photoshop. FYI.

Posted by: anon at May 25, 2005 12:39 AM

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