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August 29, 2005


i could see more of the actual work...

Dalton Ghetti

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August 28, 2005

big props...great work

we make money not art

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August 26, 2005

lil hep

if you have a moment help me test out this auto save scribbler...

save your drawing to a gallery...

may ask you to download some extras...i assure you they are safe...

send any error reports to ze@zefrank.com

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August 24, 2005


flying spaghetti monster props - zefrank.com

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rants are good

Shitty Blogs

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August 22, 2005

i believe

Flying Spaghetti Monster Challenge to Intelligent Design

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August 21, 2005

machinima talk show

This Spartan Life - Episode 1 - Module 3

charming interview held in Quake space

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lbaby porcupines

Porcupine Baby | Tech Gadgets Blog - LiewCF.com

(via boingboing.net)

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inside hack

Flickr Magazine Cover

great example of a company experimenting with fun minimal activities...

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August 18, 2005

a plea

for god's sake...if you are in line at Starbuck's...please get your money ready before you get to the cashier.

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August 17, 2005

nice site for folks in need of some audio curation

aurgasm :: your favorite music you've never heard

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deadline is today

make a film in 24 hours...
www.nycmidnight.com | exploring the limits of

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August 16, 2005


the way i see it...if global warming is innevitable...it becomes a branding question...

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a testimonial - though i'm not sure what the last line means...

Dear ZeFrank

This could have started dear Penthouse but lets give credit where credit is due. I am an English teacher in China and have been in a slump for a little while as far as girls are concerned. I seem to go to a computer bar a lot and after your website was recommended to me by a good friend [Ed: ] I had to take a look. As I was busy enjoying those great monster heads I heard a little voice start to laugh with me and I turned to see this great pair of ................um eyes looking at my screen. After a little while of pointing and laughing together at some of those really stupid faces (especially yours) we got to talking (and that is really hard when neither of us speak each others language) thanks to a great little translating program. We have been doing great and i am learning more Chinese now. Thanks for helping us (unintentionally of course but a big help none the less) cross the language barrier with laughter. The great cultural divide has been spread a lot more often now and I am a better man for it. It just goes to show you that having a good sense of humour is better then having two in the bush.

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Virtual Street Reality

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August 11, 2005

something i'd like to do

i like this, even if its by nike

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August 10, 2005

need an entertainment lawyer

to look over a cell phone related contract...

anyone have suggestions?

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August 9, 2005

made a better string spin...i'm addicted


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August 7, 2005

love this tune : and the album

imogen heap (formerly in frou frou) just released a solo album "speak for yourself" -

i'm pretty sure the title is a reference to the fact that she recorded, produced, mixed and mastered all the tracks by herself in her own little studio (with the exception of a couple guest players- including Jeff Beck)

if you are new to her stuff, download "Hide and Seek" from iTunes (hook her up - she's also applying her grassroots methodology to distribution - she released the album on her own as well)

then get the rest of the album.

PS - you can hear snippets of some of the tunes here: http://www.imogenheap.co.uk/

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August 4, 2005

quick experiment i did

string spin

made it after i saw this:

sws by amit pitaru.

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