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August 15, 2006

an old article coming back to haunt

Sobran Column --- Words in Wartime

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If you don't support the empty propaganda term, you're a terrorist.

Posted by: TEN at August 16, 2006 12:26 AM

I like you blog very much,I forget where i saw the address first time.I am a Chinese girl,thanks again for the joy you bring to me.

Posted by: Qianwen at August 16, 2006 5:38 AM

This is a bit troubling. Looks like some people are trying to get away from Islamofascism, and next somebody's going to nonchalantly say anti-Semitism isn't so bad either. It's a slippery slope when terrorists are called anything but terrorists. People like Hamas, if they aren't Islamofascists then what are they?

Posted by: Arik at August 16, 2006 4:14 PM

Islamofascism is a romantic movement grander than nationalism. Arab & Persian nationalisms have failed, because nations like Iraq and Saudi Arabia, were drawn by British imperialists, and bolstered with American funds.

Islam, on the otherhand, when married to memories of Islamic civilization, can motivate incredible passions in the young man who seeks a "heroic escape from tyranny" as the old psychological myth goes.

Tyranny in the Middle East, is for the Islamofascist, American. When Bin Laden curses the Saudi princes, he curses America. He curses American military bases near Mecca, and the complicity of the emirs to put them there. When Bin Laden curses Israel, he curses America. He curses its veto at the UN; it's funding of the Israeli army's gross bullying of Palestinian refugees. The list of grievances against America in the Middle East is so much longer than we ever allow ourselves to understand.

What distinguishes Islamofascism from Nazism is complicated, and perhaps a matter of nuance. In the case of Germany, Hitler's armies were pushing beyond Germany's boundaries into Czechland and Poland, with designs on the whole of Europe.

In the case of Islamofascism, the expansionist wishes are rhetorical. At this stage--I don't know how seriously to take Islamic claims on Spain--Islamofascism is focused on fighting the Great Satan, which is a metaphor for the United States.

That metaphor is fed life everytime our guns or soldiers or funding kills a Muslim child, and everytime our collateral damage triples and quadruples 9/11. It is fed as we try and gook-ize Muslims--a people too proud and maybe arrogant to stomach it without a really bloody fight.

The fight against the Great Satan is a fight against American occupation (directly and by proxy) of Muslim lands and Muslim governments. I think this fight is more like the Polish resistance, than it is like the invasion of Poland.

The problem, of course, is that the romance for Islamic renaissance and resistance to America, is rooted in a fundamentalist ideology that pits itself as the polar opposite of America. If America is modern, this movement will be backward, etc.

The limitations of this Islamofascist movement could become apparent to the young men who join it after some freedom is won. At the moment, however, Islamofascism is too busy waging war against occupiers who want to steal Arab & Persian natural resources.

Let's not pretend to ourselves any longer that we give a damn about democracy. The Islamofascists know, as we know, that all we want is Islam's oil.

Oil. For oil, we let ourselves become American fascists.

Posted by: ManhattanBrendan@gmail.com at August 18, 2006 11:29 AM

It isn't accurate, but then we are not really being misled by the term Islamofascism.

Muslims who fight jihad are really called mujahideen, or jihadis.

Those terms can apply to any Muslim who believes his fight is mandated by his faith.

Some Muslims such as Al Qaeda and most extremist groups recruiting on western soil believe in brutal establishment of a worldwide caliphate. To someone who is huffing and puffing about Israel and America, the evils of capitalism and globalisation, and the purity and modesty of the Muslims, a word like Islamofascism is perhaps intended to make clear that this is a partisan affair, and is designed as an offensive description that explains the enemy's ferocity.

This is a partisan affair.

I will call them Islamofascists when I feel like it. (I might not say the same of the Sufis in Chechnya because they are trying to get Russia out, and Russia has been a ruthless conqueror.)

If you meet anyone who gives money and a jihadi education to the young and then tells them to kill themselves and a bunch of innocents and that the Dajjal is here but that Allah will conquer, see if calling them sweety-pie makes that crucial difference. Seriously. I think it doesn't, but you may get a chance to become Muslim and save your own life.

Posted by: Dom at August 21, 2006 10:29 AM

This “Islamofascism” term mixes a religion with a political view. They are not one and the same and I don’t think this is a happy meeting of the words.

Posted by: Brenda at September 1, 2006 2:34 PM

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