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April 28, 2007

grainy tastes good

following the excellent lo-fi Grizzly bear's video another push in the direction of dirt style music videos Neon Bible live in an elevator. (thanks bumblebee)

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delicious, gritty, dirt style. I'm down.

Posted by: habile bumblebee at April 28, 2007 4:12 PM

The grainy, home-made looking videos are a nice trend. It makes the watcher feel more like they're spending time with the band, getting to know them, instead of being in some directed, scripted video. It's a more personal experience for the viewer, and offers people a chance to find some sort of connection with the band at a different level than other styles of videos.

Posted by: jessthemullet at April 28, 2007 10:53 PM

thanks for the find ze - also quite amazing is grizzly bear's bathroom performance of "shift"..


Posted by: joe w at April 30, 2007 2:58 PM

You can see all the shows here:



Posted by: Olga at May 2, 2007 5:18 PM

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