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April 21, 2007

more design porn

NOTCOT.ORG :: if you liked the last blog post (fromkeetra) you might like this blog-style collection of similarly minded work :: reminds me of whay k10k used to be about.

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Comments (4)

lotsa cool stuff; I especially like the "Hussein Chalayan's robotic transformer dresses" on page 33 :)

Posted by: kaninchen at April 21, 2007 2:10 AM

that's what I needed - another obsession -

Thanx Ze

Posted by: BlakNyte at April 21, 2007 6:06 PM

What an inspiration. I like that I have to search in order to find this kind of creativity. I feel as though I have discovered a forbidden treasure.
I love this shift from mainstream to trickling, interstreams, hidden in cybercaves.

Posted by: habile b at April 21, 2007 9:48 PM

holy crap that swiss army switchblade key fob thingy is sweet. Thank you, Ze, for getting my addicted to Design Porn. I may never need real porn again. (best not to think about that too much.)

Posted by: Joel at April 28, 2007 1:59 AM

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