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May 31, 2007

snowflakes out of a dog's butt

jan von holleben - dreams of flying :: i especially like this one and this one. (thanks bumblebee)

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all the problems of the online world accidentaly summed up on a single page: right here :: found it while searching for the correct spelling of "malamute"

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May 30, 2007

on well-chosen foes

The Importance of Being Hated

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May 28, 2007

remarkable career

been browsing through the genius of Bobby McFerrin that is available on YouTube :: ave maria :: driving and throat singing :: remarkable keyboard.

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don't discount me because i'm 90

twisted through time :: The Zimmers :: My Generation

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an event

if you are in NY tomorrow, i will be moderating what i hope will be an interesting conversation over at FIT :: for more info :: AIGA NY |
Fresh Dialogue 23: Designing Audiences

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May 26, 2007

biology class must be more fun now

The Inner Life of the Cell - Full Version :: posted a partial of this a while back :: hare's the full version :: love those little motor protein dudes that walk along the microtubules. wouldn't want that job though.

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May 22, 2007

lonely pretty

reboiled.com: Forced Perspective :: i hope someday he tells the rest of this story.

also :: reboiled.com: Life Goes On

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just finished Collected Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by Andrew Hurley :: was amazed by it, especially the five stories that make up "The Garden of Forking Paths", although "Funes, The Memories" seems to be the more popular introduction to Borges :: ("The Gospel of Mark" was also exceptionally creepy.)

"...like every writer, he measured other men's virtues by what they had accomplished, yet asked that other men measure him by what he planned someday to do." - from "The Secret Miracle"

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The Professor Brothers - Future Thoughts

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May 21, 2007

from fensler

Gi Joe redubs :: i linked to these a while back but re-discovered them thanks to a friend's blog (thanks edward)

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May 14, 2007


I've finally gotten around to creating a friendlier version of the
frailty project which has been ongoing for the past two years. It is one of my favorite projects to date.

Frailty is a collaboratively written and illustrated series of six poems. The text was written line by line (Gorey style) in the The Fiction Project by different members of the forum. The illustrations were created using The Scribbler and have been submitted by hundreds of different visitors to the site since the poems were written in 2004.

The project is ongoing and i would love to get an illustration from you. 12 lines remain un-illustrated but i also welcome your interpretation of any previously illustrated line. go to frailty

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on posting first

First! :: mull it the f*ck over! (thanks alex)

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May 11, 2007

fun behind the scene shot

colour changing card trick

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bunnies made of cheese

Uncertain Principles: Many Worlds, Many Treats :: quantum physics for dogs (thanks evan)

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May 7, 2007

boing boing without the digirati

Neatorama :: i'm late to this, but its a solid and well presented blog on that which is...well, neat i guess. :: led me to this project which i like quite a bit.

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hello america

Pat Condell :: articulate atheist from the UK gets some brouhaha going on youtube :: on the origin of the word brouhaha

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i was left with ham & egg pie

hitotoki : A Narrative Map of Tokyo :: a succesful little piece of psycho-geography.

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May 3, 2007

11 babies :: 0 drops

Mark Jenkins: Tape Sculpture and Street Installation :: some nice work here :: my favs are :: Embed :: the top photo on this page :: and the Storker Project :: thanks karen

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May 2, 2007

here be anthropomorphic dragons

map of online communities

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nostalgia for detail

A nice story about a woman who uncovered a circus poster from 1910 while stripping her building :: pictures of the wall here :: maxfield parish meets windsor mccay :: thanks nader :: update :: chicago collector buys the wall

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