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October 31, 2007

one hour i'll never get back

just got caught in a time sink hole trying to beat the all-time scores on the miniracers racing game. ugh

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dear mobby

off of ingrid's fab comment. future crowd sourced advice (if it remains valuable to us all) will be held over at Dear Mobby :: gimme a little bit of time to customize the look of it ::

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last minute halloween

for those of you that have slacked on halloween preparedness, stefan bucher provides you with a free monster mask.

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what i thought the site was about

Here's a tricky one!

"Dear Ze, I think that your recent encouragement....

to send in problems and ask for help is both unoriginal and simply going to draw a large crowd of people craving anonymous self-help instead of ideas and creative musing on the world. Which is what I thought this site was about.

It's not that I lack the compassion or find talking about personal problems unbeneficial - I just wonder if this is the place to do it and whether it will take your blog in a positive direction.

Kirsten G.

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October 30, 2007

more advice

here's another dilemma sent in, please advise::

"Well, you asked for dilemmas and I could definitely use some advice right now.

I'm a 16 year old girl, and I'm bisexual...

I know what that sounds like, but I'm not "doing it to be trendy" like some of my friends think, I actually am attracted to both men and women. I've known this for quite some time but I've really only just come to terms with the label "bisexual". Nobody I've told has freaked out so far, because I live in a pretty open-minded place, but a few people have tried to tell me that I'm not really bi or that it doesn't matter that I'm bi because I'm in a relationship with a guy, but whatever. That's not my problem.

My problem is, how do I tell my parents? Should I even tell them?

It's not that my parents are homophobic. Well, my mom isn't at least. I'm sure that if I were to tell my mother she'd be just fine with it... still, it'd be an awkward conversation that I'm not sure I have the courage for at the present time. But my dad, on the other hand, is not so open minded. He's admitted to being homophobic, but not in the sense that he hates LGBT people -- just in the sense that it grosses him out. He supports gay rights and all and he has friends who are gay and such. I'm just not sure how he'd react if it was his own daughter. I positive he'd still love me and he wouldn't kick me out or anything, but I have such a great relationship with my dad that I kind of feel like straining that relationship wouldn't be worth it. Like I said before, I'm in a hetero relationship right now, so it's not like it's a pressing affair. But whenever I talk to my parents I feel like I've got some kind of horrible secrets. I don't know what to say to them.

Well even if you don't decide to post this, thanks for giving me a place to express my feelings.

PS: I miss the show a lot."

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crowd sourced advice column

how generous you all were with your advice. conflicted, yes, but perhaps a better representation of the truth. let's do it again. anyone have a dilemma? email me at ze@zefrank.com if you do.

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October 29, 2007

the duck and i

a new social network for two animation by alyssa of operation bumblebee

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please offer your advice

the following email was sent to me today, asking for relationship advice. I think collectively, all of you will do a better job than i ever could. I am posting the email with his permission ::

Dear Ze,

Thank You for creating the show, some of what you said in The Show becomes something I calibrate my meaning of life and decision making. - I am going through something now that I don't think I can make it. I'm sorry to be so dramatic. But please, read on first. I was in my German class two years ago, I met a girl named Ms.M,

I liked her that very first day. I soon found out that her taking German was because of her German boyfriend whom she met in Prague and has been having a long distance relationship for the past three years and still going. We stayed friends and kept in touch after the German class was over. She gave me some cookies she made that Christmas as a gift. And we became close friends, good friends, and best friends. You know, we had so much fun doing things together.

Even though she lives in City B and I City S and we met in the past two years about once a month sometimes more sometimes less. We would talk about so many topics that at times we were ready to pull out a piece of paper to write them down as we'd jump from one to another, we laughed, we enjoyed the food and drinks on the table. Have you ever had someone who you can sit across the table with to talk for three hours, six hours, twelve hours and you guys had to stop because the last train is leaving? She's my soul mate. When I was falling asleep in the library trying to study for a midterm, it was often the thought that I got to meet her for another cup of coffee that weekend, another dinner at the French cafe the following Friday that stimulated me. I learned a lot from her. We enjoyed our time and talk, something I cannot overestimate.

Her boyfriend came to visit once a year or so. In the first year, I had no trouble of his visiting at all, because I stick to the "we are just friends" line of thought. This year, he visited again for a month. The difference is that Ms.M and I had met a bit more in this year, shared even more personal things, and the last time we met for lunch, opera, and dinner then dessert, Sept 23, before her boyfriend came was such, such a great time for us. We both knew that. Boy, was that day fun? But I couldn't sleep the night her boyfriend arrived. I slapped my forehead to remind myself that she's a friend, a very, very good friend and it really would be enough just to stay like friends. Really. Oh yes, very much.

When I imagined that her boyfriend might propose to her, I knew I'd be shattered, so I thought to myself: I mean, maybe she'll move to Germany, that's fine, before then, I will just be the best friend, the best company and just enjoy the time with her when her boyfriend isn't around and when she does marry, and when her boyfriend is around he will make her happy and I am on the side that's fine. It really really was her comfort and happiness that I was concerned. I mean, basically, friends with Ms.M would be a fantastic thing, Nope, no more is needed. More is absolutely great, but what I had was also fine. Great! So I was on the plan that never to tell how I felt, because if I did, the risk was losing her, our friendship. I couldn't bear that.

We emailed each other every day, too - last week, I received an usual email from her. She told what she had done and that she had a soothing conversation with her cat. I answered as usual. But when I review her email again, which I liked to do, I noticed that the word soothing might signify something, in particular, something that's not soothing. So I asked if what I daydreamed about might be true, and after several emails exchanged, we met the next day, last Tuesday. The last email she wrote before we met she mentioned that she finds it a horrible feeling that she doesn't know what she will say exactly, and what I will say, which loses me as I generally thought that the problem might be with work/family/her boyfriend, so whatever my opinion, she should not be distressed.

So we met the next day, She still wouldn't talk so I talked for about 4.5 hrs just hoping to calm her down first, but to no avail, she still didn't tell anything. I noticed that she's getting more and more nervous and by the end, she needed to do a bit of work in her office so we parted without our usual good-by. That shocked me a bit as it was the first time to see such behavior as she presented. - Then I got on the bus returning to City S, half way, she called. She was crying on the phone. So I persuaded her to let me turn around. I then turned around to go back to meet her. We sat down, she started by telling that she might have to end our friendship. The next fraction of second, I thought that her boyfriend might be too jealous or something and required her to stay away from me, but then I know that if he was like that, Ms.M will simply kick him out of the picture instead, so I was still confused in that fraction of second. Then she said: I have been falling in love with you.

That was quite a surprise. She's the woman of my life and I never thought I stood a chance. Now I was being told face to face. Imagine how happy I was! Next she asked how I felt. I mean, I had my plan not to tell for a really long time and even forever. But now it seemed to be the best time to tell. I told her too that I have been in love with her and also that plan of never telling. She told me, too, that she liked me since day one. but it was until she I met someone, two months after start of that German class, she had the courage and reassurance to take action such that she felt more, I guess concealed about her feeling, with that knowledge that I know that she knows I was with someone. I was overjoyed. I was overjoyed. We continued to talk a bit more. We then walked a bit, we finally kissed and hugged. - We laughed a bit at all the little things we did in the past two years.

She wrote me soon after we parted that day, to tell me that she would prefer to be a bit of silent and asked if I want to meet her up for lunch today, Monday 29 Oct. I completely understand. In fact, I always give her absolutely boundless time and space to do what she has to do. Because her boyfriend from Germany was still visiting, and she needed the next few days to make a decision. I think he left either today or yesterday. Then came yesterday. She wrote to tell me she's sorry that she could not make it today to the lunch. She said in the email that she still wanted to do things with friends and family of her boyfriends, whom she met and befriended in her visits in Germany, and that they are her world and family, too. And that there are other reasons too, but that is the biggest. She asked me "not to try to speak, write, or see [her]" and that she meant everything she said last Tuesday and hope, above all, that I don't doubt her feelings. She bid me some well wishes at the end of the email.

Here's the original: I am also asking you not to try to speak, write, or see me. I am so sorry to have forced the thing to it's crisis, but unlike you, I do not possess the ability to hide my feelings. I am glad and without any regret to have been completely open and frank with you, face to face. I hope, above all, you never doubt it.

[My name], I wish you the greatest happiness ever, to the nicest and most selfless person I know,

Ze, I am sorry to bore you with this. I am so sorry. But I can't breathe the moment I read the email. I can't do this. I can't make it, Ze. I am so sorry to trouble you, but I am losing the best friend of mine. Consciously or unconsciously, she's been my motivation to do well at work, to live well. I was really going to accept the fact that she and I couldn't be but we could stay friends, and I am absolutely fine with it, I was happy to be like that. But then she told me of her love, and I told her, then now, I am crowded out of the picture. I lost her. She sent me another email later yesterday to tell me that she's sending me a letter. "Rip it, shred it, and burn it - but please read it first, It's all there". I haven't gotten the letter yet, but I don't think I will make it this time....

Please, please, please, Help.

I'm so sorry.

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October 26, 2007

"the smartest money you'll spend in your life"

The New BackUp Commercial :: I rarely endorse products...but.

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October 23, 2007

when rove takes a nap

Scariest Democrat :: wow...the republicans are running out of tactics :: a viral attempt by gop.com :: it is being sent out with the following email:

What do Halloween and politics have in common? Scary Democrats!

Every year the Republican National Committee has a hard time determining who is the scariest Democrat of the bunch. Just like the fall harvest, there's an abundance from which to choose. That's where you come in. We need your help in determining who the RNC should announce as the "Scariest Democrat" in 2007.

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"a new kind of physician"

Jay Parkinson, MD. :: guaranteed to ruffle some feathers, but seems like a great idea.

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in the library

Be Good or Be Gone, Fionn Regan :: great jump cut video

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In searching for the origins for the little yellow book with no back cover (LYB), I received a letter written to Stefan Bucher's grandfather from Dr. Rudolph Schmidt, the Austrian psychologist that wrote an essay on the fragment "Addiction is the Triumph of Rhythm Over Life" (1885, attributed to the LYB). It is unclear which book Schmidt is referring too, but possibly suggests that Schmidt was in fact the author of the LYB. The letter reads:

Dear Reinhold,

Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry to hear that you must often hide from your classmates, but I applaud your choice of the school library as your primary refuge. As you go through life, you may find, as I have, that the love of books will oft lead you into trouble with your fellow man, yet offer an escape from it as well. Still, I am gratified that you found my book during one of your afternoons in hiding, and that it offered you solace.

Indeed, as you have already experienced, inspiration is not a gift, but a task.
It is this that many people fail to understand. When the divine spark touches them
they do not realize that it is upon them to nurture it into a fire that is strong enough
to burn on its own. All they see is a spark. As soon as it comes it is gone again.

You already know to see each spark as the fire it can be. I can also tell
that you feel the small pain of a spark that fails to ignite---be it
because you had no strength to fan it, or because of the chance gusts
of wind life sends to help or hinder our endeavors. I wish I could offer
something to lift your spirit, but all I can say is this: All of us that are blessed
with frequent inspiration know the joy and pain inherent.
This will not change. And yet, you are not alone.

I wish you great strength and fortune always.
Sincerely yours in friendship,

Dr. Rudolph Schmidt

P.S. Than you also for including your amusing drawings.
You are very observant in your detailed study of men’s haircuts.
Always keep drawing. It will keep your eyes open.

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October 22, 2007

the wizard bear

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | JK Rowling outs Dumbledore as gay :: not sure how i feel about this. i have no problem with dumbledore being gay, but it feels strange that J.K. can make this proclamation without having had the courage to write about it in the series. Is the history of a character in a book the property of the author? i had to use quite a bit of imagination to make these books palatable. Feels a bit like she is encroaching on our shared understanding of the characters. By the way Professor McGonigle starred in a series of porn flicks before she became a teacher. "Where's My Wand?" was my favorite.

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October 19, 2007

million little keyframes

Low Morale :: a nice animation to radiohead's creep :: not sure i buy the claim that there are one million keyframes in the movie :: if it took 3 months...

to create (from the site), and he worked 24 hours a day every day, he would have had to animate 463 frames per hour, or 7 frames per minute. Furthermore, since the final animation is 4 minutes and 35 seconds, a million frames of any kind (keyframes or tween frames) would result in a movie with 3636 frames per second of animation... flash allows embedded objects which would allow multiple clips running at once, but that would still require over 100 objects simultaneously animating on each frame of the movie :: still a nice piece though

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October 14, 2007

fell like jeff buckley

just was sent a link to this: reboiled: a social network for two, animation :: a video that was created for the song by Shaun Moriarty.

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October 13, 2007


YouTube - Idol :: a stunningly bizarre animation

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October 9, 2007

fer you

a social network for two :: a little song sketch i wrote today

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another from BEIRUT - In the Mausoleum from The Flying Club Cup :: these guys create some of the best dirt style videos out there.

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steinbrennar donates the yankees to charity

eTrueSports.com :: the onion for sports fans.

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