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October 30, 2007

crowd sourced advice column

how generous you all were with your advice. conflicted, yes, but perhaps a better representation of the truth. let's do it again. anyone have a dilemma? email me at ze@zefrank.com if you do.

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Comments (7)

What struck me most was the gentleness and caring in the responses. I don't know you edited or prevented damaging comments from being made. . . but I was genuinely and profoundly moved by even the different points of views and the spirit with which they were offered. And the many many stories behind them.

:: ze added ::

ingrid - i agree. i removed a single comment which told him to accept christ as his personal savior in an ironic way.

Posted by: ingrid at October 30, 2007 1:35 PM

I suspect that the LOA has something to do with the quality of responses.

Posted by: Daniel Nicolas at October 30, 2007 2:57 PM

Yeah, I was really impressed with the comments as well. Some I really didn't agree with, but as Ze pointed out, perhaps that's a better representation of the truth. I'm interested in seeing another "crowd sourced" advice column. Sports racers are the best. :D

Posted by: Adam at October 30, 2007 3:29 PM

My dilemma is having launched www.FindLikeMinds.com just a few months ago we just aren't getting the traffic we need to make the site really takeoff in a way that we really benefit all of the members and we also aren't making any money. So, do we wrap it up and concentrate on something else or keep at it and fight for the concept and the money to promote it?

Posted by: Rob at October 30, 2007 3:58 PM

Yes, it was great to see that the LOA and consorts are likely to respond to authenticity w/ genuine concern. There's nothing worse than being dismissed or mocked for baring one's genuine depth, and I'm so, so glad it didn't happen here.

Posted by: anatsuno at October 30, 2007 6:53 PM

I have 2 thoughts on the crowd sourced advice.
1. I too was impressed with the responses, not only because the tone was positive, but because they demonstrate selflessness in a way that is not immediately recognizable. Lets face it, we all comment on blogs to have someone read what we write and think we're smart. When I read these questions I thought of stories from my life that might be informative or show how I related to the problem. In the end I did not include them, and neither did anyone else. Some mentioned that they had experienced something similar, but left out their stories. I believe we did this because including our stories would make it about us instead of the person we were trying to help, and we didn't want to do that.

2. I wonder if conflicted advice leaves the person trying to make a decision in exactly the same position they were in before or if it causes them to unknowingly make the decision they really wanted to in the first place. Perhaps they read the advice and see some as good and some as bad, and what they see as good is just what they really felt they should do in the first place. There's an old story that when you have a tough decision you toss a coin and then you will immediately have an emotional response, either relief that it turned out the way it did or a desperate desire to call a do over. That's how you decide what you really want.

Posted by: Gus at October 30, 2007 10:55 PM

Dear Ze, I think that your recent encouragement to send in problems and ask for help is both unoriginal and simply going to draw a large crowd of people craving anonymous self-help instead of ideas and creative musing on the world. Which is what I thought this site was about.

It's not that I lack the compassion or find talking about personal problems unbeneficial - I just wonder if this is the place to do it and whether it will take your blog in a positive direction.

Kirsten G.

Posted by: Kirsten G at October 31, 2007 1:15 AM

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