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November 30, 2007


a great clip from the comedy alliance blerds ::

visit their homepage :: and watch out for T.J. Miller :: he's young, cocky and full of talent, i expect him to hit one of these days ::

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phone calls

in the long line of prank calls that for me begins with the underground recordings of the 1970's Jerky Boy pranks and continued through crank yankers, the fonejacker has once again brought me back to an adolescent chuckle ::

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a nice but rough series by elise harris on vegetable facts :: good for Sunday afternoon browsing ::


Browse the Series

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the male condition

a slightly disturbing rant from gord submitted to keep us company ::

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widgetbox :: miniracer

i've been playing around with widgetbox, a well made and simple site to create portable widgets out of almost any sort of content you can imagine. as a test you can add the miniracer game to your facebook page. just log in and click here.

you can play the original game here

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November 29, 2007

a couple from tim and eric

although i have yet to find video of them online that do them justice ::

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dylan moran on rumsfeld, the french

he certainly has a way of going off topic :: made me smile ::

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November 28, 2007


i'm on jury duty for an indeterminate amount of time...during this period of civic duty and eating of snacks from vending machines, some of keeping us company duties will shift to you :: please send me links to things you think other people might enjoy

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animatio shorts

drawn.ca has a pretty neat archive of featured animations :: STARVING IN THE BELLY OF A WHALE is one of my favs

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paper animation

a bit cute for me, but that shouldn't stop you ::

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laws laws laws

Interactive Social Contract V.1.1 :: ha!

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there's a there there

Music's latest hitmaker :: they come for the weather and stay for the smooth.

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ad slogan hall of fame.

Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame :: by adslogans.com, an ad slogan database whose own slogan is "it pays to check"

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November 26, 2007

on feeling uninspired

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this is from a while back, but i recently revisited it when i recommended bob to a company doing a documentary on strange and fascinating people ::

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its still the same old story

a great little piece on the writer's strike from 94 year old Irv Brecher :: "he only said it because i wrote it" ::

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chasing the whistle blowers?

Boeing Spying On Its Workers :: interesting mirror to the privacy issue in corporate america

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November 25, 2007

buy me :: scared

songs you already know : scared

Add to Cart :: View Cart

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while i'm at it

perhaps i can entice you to peruse to holiday songs :: santa ain't fat and santa must have been drinking

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keeping us company

three movies to keep us company :: awed job on a search :: jon gets warm and fuzzy :: fillupmonkee gets some great reactions out of on the street interviews (bell ringer is my fav)

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November 24, 2007

39 year old gal

Dear Mobby :: Crowd Sourced Advice :: a call for cheap and inexpensive balms for a mid life crisis.

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making the milk

NPR reports that early episodes of Sesame Street have been reissued with a warning that the contentis not suitable for children :: the audio version of the story is a bit more compelling :: click below for an unsuitable clip about cows ::

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nasty nasty hotels

an awful little vid that exposes the practices of hotel cleaning crews :: from our darlings at Fox News

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November 23, 2007

crayon physics

reminds me of a more intuitive version of the sodaplay constructor ::

Crayon Physics - Watch more free videos

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November 22, 2007

human dandelion

looks like fun

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November 21, 2007


never saw it coming from scotty :: PublicAffairs Books: WHAT HAPPENED

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a video for "scared" by bumblebee

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two new stories

awed job responds to dave, and britdawg talks blood ::

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water pipes and pimp suits

a pretty awesome flashback to J.C. Penney's 1975 catalogue.

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November 20, 2007

I feel that's fairly much english.

two fun items starring the legendary jazz drummer buddy rich :: a clip from the muppet show :: and a link to some famous underground audio of buddy insulting his band with his infamous temper...

Click Here For Buddy Rich Berating His Band :: fixed link

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November 19, 2007


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from the archive

two "the show" episodes pertaining to the upcoming holiday ::



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fun video by NY comic aziz ansari ::

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more stories

another from dave, rebecca's puppet, and a link to quin's periodic table

click here for quinn's periodic table

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November 17, 2007

two new dear mobbys

Dear Mobby :: Crowd Sourced Advice

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consumatron responds to dave's story :: trick reads us a story :: and meghan talks bridesmaids

Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click To Play

2007nov14: on stories... from triiku on Vimeo.

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being poor sucks

Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything :: dude

a link to the E8 rotation that they mention in the article :: very pretty video

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"a hobby"

note to creepy robot maker: if you are trying to get corporate attention, do not include sexual harassment in your robot demo ::

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November 15, 2007

the male condition

dave keeps us company

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back to school

The Vega Science Trust - Richard Feynman :: a series of lectures that put my college professors to shame

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lest you forgot steve martin's banjo skills

Steve Martin and the RockBottomRemainders ::

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November 14, 2007

on addictions and healthy rhythms

Dear Mobby :: addicted anxious ape

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time piece

a wonderful vid from jim henson circa 1965

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childhood, theft and falling idols

three stories to keep us company submitted this week

ariel and bumblebee on growing up

awed job on thievery

donal on chris locke / rageboy

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November 13, 2007

strike #2

:: edited version

:: more penis::

P.S. Here's How You Do The Good Day (shoot me)

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November 12, 2007

a story made for us by derek

very charming, although a bit hard to read (he also played the guitar)

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more mobby

Dear Mobby :: three issues, one mobby

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all in one place

Firebrand TV - Commercials As Content :: i like the idea :: commercials without all that annoying television content in between them

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keeping us company :: vanae

Vanae responds to Josh's story with her own!

more of vanae's stories

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November 10, 2007


Dear Mobby :: bumblebee needs your advice

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November 9, 2007

for monday

please tell us a story (record yourself telling it, ideally)...send it (a link to video or text) to ze@zefrank.com (and keep sending me links to other stuff too) :: also, if you have a problem in your life, let Dear Mobby try and fix it.

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friday links

bumblebee and carina keep us company by submitting the following :

Clap Your Hands Say Heah - Is This Love? :: a video featuring the beloved vacuum cleaner (yes...even dressed up)

someecards.com :: a wonderful collection of clip art e-cards that certainly fits with the theme of "songs you already know"

The Online Photographer: Approaching Art :: a fun little essay in reaction to art blather

I lived on the Moon :: a remarkable music video about a father who tells his son a story about precisely that :: a direct link to a high quality avi :: link to the streaming myspace video

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featuring harry the horse

a video for "scared" by bon ami!

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eating your beans

a video (and cover) of "scared of something" by Caroline!

songs you already know: scared from Posalootly on Vimeo.

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November 8, 2007

songs you already know : scared

a song i made for when you are scared

mp3 available for purchase. play it while you prepare for the holidays :: only one dollar more than free ::

scared song :: Add to Cart View Cart

when else do you wish you had a song? let me know.

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meeting sym

another story (submitted by Josh) to keep us company:

Meeting Sym from Spatulated on Vimeo

Josh's blog

send a story to ze@zefrank.com

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layer tennis

photoshop tennis has been around for a while, but coudal partners have upped the ante, creating this site ::

prominent designers, illustrators and typographers are invited to play against each other, while another guest provides (often quite funny) commentary to each volley.

check out: Bantjes vs. Vit and Taylor vs. Santa Maria

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buzz lightning

Twin Musical Tesla Coils playing Mario Bros :: gizmodo explains that there are no speakers involved :: the tones are generated by the coils themselves (submitted by Brendan)

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November 7, 2007

mixed ending

yay he found her, but boo...we don't get to find out what happens...

(update: here she is)

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that's how you keep each other company

a video i received yesterday :

i like this idea, let's tell each other stories, send me more at ze@zefrank.com

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a follow up to CreativeTechs Tips: Make The Logo Bigger. The Song.:: which i love :: Make My Logo Bigger Cream :: i hope that they break this out into a collection of smaller clips, its pretty long and some of the best jokes are in the middle. (submitted by mark)

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not sure if its true:

a guy allegedly found some keystroke logging hardware in his brand new computer that sent data to the DHS. i'm wary of the website name "fearthegovernment.com", and the potential of this story resulting in many mangled laptops :: i wish he showed a pic of the original laptop. (submitted by Sephrik)

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more hugs

(submitted by nader)

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November 6, 2007

thank you

for all of your comments, i missed you too :: during the strike let's keep each other company :: from time to time, i'll post a video, and maybe you could send interesting things to ze@zefrank.com which i can post as well :: P.S. the lights are the same as they always were, but i put up a big piece of white paper behind me :: very professional

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a game show i would like to be part of

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November 5, 2007

strike day

in related news the 2 billion franktv commercials will be changed from "hippos don't do impressions, franktv does" to "hippos don't do impressions, neither does franktv"

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help the brother out


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November 2, 2007

the NYC

an excellent gladwell talk :: more videos from the new yorker conference

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the prosthetics market is energized

Paul Gilmartin has created the fictional character Representative Richard Martin of Ohio at askarepublican.com. He has a collection of videos on youtube, some of which are quite funny. My favorite bits are taken from his standup routines, which appear to be partially/mostly improvised :: Big Oil vs Poor People

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November 1, 2007

Dear Mobby #1 and #2 (or #3 and #4)

Indecisive in Itasca sent in the first official Dear Mobby :: Indecisive in Itasca (which could be Minnesota or Illinois) :: and "Gus" sent in the second pertaining to the need for professional advice

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I love ya'll (sic) and I'm gonna miss ya'll (sic).

Texas Department of Criminal Justice :: a timely but morbid fascination :: the last statements, the clinical presentation

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black swans

i'm currently reading Fooled by Randomness :: a book on the markets, statistics, and yes...randomness :: a bit controversial and delightfully arrogant.

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third from the right is my favorite

Here is a video posted on youtube entitled Iraqi Army Training :: I don't know if its real, but for me it engenders a number of conflicting emotions :: first the basic physicality of it is funny:

my instinct is to paint the non-conformist soldiers as buffoons. but i can't help think that the motion of the traditional jumping jack is no less ridiculous than any of the approximations, and that its application to the business of war is a bit silly. At least everyone is moving, exercising: no one is standing still.

The motion, however, is irrelevant. This clip is also about following orders. The drill sergeant could be doing any one of those antics and we would expect the rest to follow. Thats what you do in an army. Something about that expectation, or maybe the fallacy of that expectation, makes me feel sad. Its reminder that we missed something important very early on; that we think its as simple as standing in a courtyard flapping our arms like a giant bird, waiting for everyone to do the same.

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