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November 8, 2007

meeting sym

another story (submitted by Josh) to keep us company:

Meeting Sym from Spatulated on Vimeo

Josh's blog

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Comments (8)

Thanks for putting my video up =)

If anyone is in cleveland on a monday night and wants to meet sym or me or a whole host of awesome people, contact me =)

Posted by: josh R at November 8, 2007 3:36 PM

That is the coolest story i've heard in a long time!

Posted by: Daniel Nicolas at November 8, 2007 5:09 PM

"You're showing seven months of extra baby!" I LOLed. Wish I lived near Cleveland, I'd definitely "come on down."

Posted by: Jordan at November 8, 2007 6:03 PM

That was a great story! Thanks for sharing :)

Posted by: Adam at November 8, 2007 9:34 PM

great story telling! if i lived in cleveland i'd meet up, but alas i don't, next time you go out have enough fun for both of us though :D

Posted by: AD*A57RA at November 8, 2007 10:10 PM

That is a good warm story. Thanks.

Posted by: peter at November 9, 2007 3:26 AM

Nice story, but the key was the telling IMO

Posted by: Jarod at November 9, 2007 11:40 AM

love it! last night, i just experienced the 'man, it's a small world!" moment. i'll post a video about it.


Posted by: vanae at November 9, 2007 12:22 PM

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