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January 16, 2008


people started asking for my raw footage so that they could remix my stuff. I was like 'UG your own damn C'

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underhanded grab your own damn chicken?

Posted by: mrorange at January 16, 2008 9:42 PM

If so, you would be mashed-up, taken out of context, snipped into tiny bits, spread like so many internet molecules.

You would also live forever... digitally.

Posted by: Rico at January 16, 2008 10:31 PM

Wait, what?

Posted by: Brian at January 16, 2008 11:04 PM

Who what where how?

I don't understand.

Posted by: Miss Malevolent at January 17, 2008 12:33 AM

I don't even know what that means!

Posted by: Gus at January 17, 2008 9:53 AM


Posted by: Duncan at January 17, 2008 3:42 PM

User-generate your own damn content.

... spoiler alert? :)

Posted by: Grant Hutchins at January 17, 2008 9:06 PM

upgrade your own damn content? ...which would mean that in the speakers mind creative works of the individual have merged with the cyberworld, to be upgraded, remixed, and remastered...

My own guess. A reflection of how I find myself asking for the "hardcopy" of letters and such, and once asking someone to delete something when I meant remove it. So frikin cool how language evolves to incorporate new worlds of words...

Posted by: helsbells at January 18, 2008 7:57 AM

User-generate your own damn content. Beautifully, I hope and quickly. Bravo.

Posted by: Steven Van Haren at January 19, 2008 4:07 AM

unspeak gibberish your own damn. Chin!

Posted by: Dan at January 22, 2008 5:01 PM

Overheard.. Ho-o-o-o-t :)

Posted by: www.zefrank.com at April 29, 2011 6:57 AM

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