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March 4, 2008



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Comments (22)

Uh... must... do... this... immediately...

Posted by: Kevin Miller at March 4, 2008 11:16 AM

...that is off-the-charts batsh!t crazy.

...I want one.

Posted by: Christian Gindlesperger at March 4, 2008 11:24 AM

I wonder how much drag adding a big fluffy tail to the suit would cause.

Posted by: Juana at March 4, 2008 11:59 AM

Wow--I was holding my breath because they didn't show any shots of LANDING (a very important step) for a veeeeeeeery long time. Made me wonder. . . . lol! Great googly-moogly! These people be crazy!

Posted by: Erin at March 4, 2008 12:03 PM

and all my dreams have come true. Human flying squirrels.

Posted by: habile b at March 4, 2008 12:31 PM

Holy crap. That's so totally, unbelievably awesome. That's f--king incredible.

Posted by: Gavin at March 4, 2008 2:02 PM

Ahh the suits that they wear allow them to only fall roughly 30-40 mph downwards. It generally increases the flight time by double of a normal jump. What they're doing with it though is pretty awesome. I think base jumping just reached a whole new level.

Posted by: Gordon at March 4, 2008 2:03 PM

at first glance I thought it said "mountain wingnut". not far off.

Posted by: starstuff at March 4, 2008 2:18 PM

I saw one of these guys on The Colbert Report. Now that's what I call BALLS.

Posted by: Lhyzz at March 4, 2008 2:56 PM

lol: erin i like the landing comment

Posted by: ingrid at March 4, 2008 6:15 PM


Posted by: Alexandra at March 4, 2008 7:14 PM

oh my god that is freaking amazing, my dreams of one day skydiving have now been elevated to this insanity, that would be so much fun.

Posted by: mrorange at March 4, 2008 7:38 PM

Posted by: Varion at March 4, 2008 7:50 PM

Wow - just wow. My mind is officially blown

Posted by: Jen_ at March 5, 2008 11:11 AM

That is unreal. Makes me wish I wasn't so afraid of jumping off of mountains...

Posted by: Ben at March 5, 2008 3:16 PM

I liked my associate-at-work's comment best:

"Wow, that looks like a really fun way to die!"

Posted by: xanax at March 5, 2008 7:41 PM

Holy duckies! that is one extremely extreme sport! I wouldn't have the guts to do it. I would walk up to the edge, think about it for 2 seconds and decide that it wasn't for me.

But it looks like it would be fun...

Posted by: Chris Lawson at March 6, 2008 7:43 PM

Ok, That is not the best composite job.
It looks convincing for the first 300 frames until you realize the color correction is off...
and the speed ratios are not correct in the composit image.

Is this better?

Posted by: APP at March 8, 2008 1:45 AM

I've dreamt about this awesome invention.

Posted by: HB at March 8, 2008 5:33 AM

wow, thats awesome, i would love to do that, but i simply dont have the onions for it.......

Awesome stuff.


Posted by: RightHandGenius at March 8, 2008 6:44 PM

Controlled falling - what I attempt on a daily basis.

It's truly beautiful to see a human body, air and physics working so well together. I just can't scrape that feeling of sudden (accidental) impact with a very hard, solid surface off my brain.

Posted by: junkdraws at March 9, 2008 10:51 PM

oh great, now my life seems so insanely boring compared to this.. I want his life.. I WILL become Espen !!!

I'm so not cool.. :(

damn Norweegians..


Posted by: Crisb at March 10, 2008 11:33 PM

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