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March 11, 2008

using youtube for change

Saudi woman seeks driving acceptance on YouTube

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-infuriated over the absurdity of her request, from my perspective
-impressed by those women and their courage
-heartened by you tube(?) - that sounds weird

Posted by: Jackie at March 11, 2008 3:38 PM

Well thats just awesome, nice to see youtube being used for good, maybe soon middle aged men who hate anything technological will start to realise that youtube isnt just full of videos of people hitting old ladies with baseball bats, or whatever they think youths like me do these days.

Posted by: RightHandGenius at March 11, 2008 8:29 PM

"religious police"

Sigh. (commences banging head on desk)

But that makes me wonder...even in a democracy (ok, republic) that is (supposedly) free of religious oppression, don't our collective legislated moral standards constitute a kind of religion that, although less restrictive than (for example) Saudi enforced religion, is none the less a "specific system of belief and worship, often involving a code of ethics and a philosophy" (webster's)? Don't we make an idol of our American Dream and worship it to the detriment of countless other values?


I think instead of letting the women drive, they should ban men from driving too. It's not like that particular region of the world needs to worry about a lack of fossil fuels, but a taste of restricted mobility might help Saudi men begin to realize (in one tiny way) what they have been doing to the other half of their population. I can't see the religious police actually stopping men from driving their cars any time soon, but I can tell you that if I was a powerful deity (or an especially hard-working vandal), there would be a lot of flat tires in Saudi Arabia this morning.

Posted by: Diana B. at March 12, 2008 1:50 AM

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