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June 30, 2008

back scratching

so..."up", "down", "left", "right" doesn't work, partially because it is too crude and partially because it falls apart if the scrathchee is lying perpendicular to the scratcher .

Attempts have been made using "north" (toward the head), "south" (away from the head), "right" and "left", but again there is some confusion on the rotation of right and left in the perpendicular back scratch scenario.

An absolute placement schema has been tried using a hybrid of polar coordinates and clock based logic - "3 o'clock, midway", but the homunculus mapping of the back is poor due to to insufficient nerve density.

A model based on relative positioning requires both a direction and a distance vector. Terms like "smidgen" and "a hair" are not satisfactory for distance.

A quadrant based model looks promising: the back is divided into 4 quadrants - this way the symmetry problem is alleviated. If the scratcher is in the wrong quadrant, the scratchee can guide the scratcher using numbers (1,2,3,4) or by saying "same side, other quadrant". Within a quadrant we now have "towards spine", "away from spine", "towards head" and "away from head". The scratcher must move gradually within a quadrant but will know the general boundaries within which to work.


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June 25, 2008

taking a little vacation :)

will post (the few) entries to the money art attempt when i have gotten my mojo back. it's elusive.

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June 20, 2008

ok - perhaps a quick test? :: what can you make with $20

if anyone is game this weekend perhaps we could try a quick test of the "made of money" idea. Hudson Gardner had the idea of starting small - "what can you make with twenty dollars". The creation has to be made of the money itself - bills, coins, maybe even checks. For now there are no limitations on how you attach, bind and display. Take some pictures as documentation and send them to me at ze@zefrank.com.

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June 19, 2008

charity idea revised

based on your comments, here is a revision of the charity idea from yesterday. We could call it "Made of Money". Basic concept: Money is collected and used as an art supply or building material for participatory installation(s), then at the end the money is donated to a charity.

- money shouldn't be damaged in the process, so no glue.
- coins could be rolled up, or put into some sort of brick for building
- although i still like the idea of building a house, we could also make mosaics, origami, sculptures, etc...
- there could be a competitive element on a local scale - where teams show of their craft, then the money could be shipped and used in a big build.

not sure if this is viable, and not promising to do it, but so far i like the fact that it is direct and simple. keep the ideas coming....

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i know this is exceedingly silly, but for the past four years i've had an licensing deal with papyrus cards. The deal is coming to a close and as far as i know there will be no more re-prints. It's a lenticular card (my spellcheck didn't recognize that word and wanted to replace it with "testicular") - which means that it moves as you change the angle of the card. If you want to grab a meaningless product before it runs out :: How To Dance Properly - Card - Papyrus Classics - Birthday - Cards - Papyrus

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June 18, 2008

what shall i do with the rational triggers?

your comments here are so great i would love to do something with them. any suggestions?

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a fun charity idea

you know what would be cool? if we could build a small house out of spare change. we collect coins, then have an event where people can come and help build the house. Then when it's over the money is donated to a charity that builds/operates homeless shelters. not sure about the logistics, or how much cash would be needed. But it would be really fun to try. maybe we could cheat on the roof, and make a large fake coin..hmm... help me with the calculations!

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June 14, 2008


"The world's largest and fastest growing remote-controlled professional broadcast camera network " :: there is something hypnotic about watching and listening to the cheesy music :: maybe subliminal training from our new alien overlords

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June 8, 2008

trying hard

It's the Stephen Colbert Puppet Challenge! :: a friend and sportsracer, Brian Hogg is trying to get his Colbert puppet some prime time love :: perhaps you can help him?

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June 7, 2008

the harvest

get your creative juice here :: click below to watch ::

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June 4, 2008

anderson cooper wants to be your boo

Brazile's boo

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roller coaster

a great ad from the Z├╝rich Chamber Orchestra | Roller Coaster :: click below to view ::

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June 2, 2008

rational triggers for the emotoself

I use short phrases to combat stagnation and anxiety. The problem is that inspirational phrases too often have short shelf lives. "Celebrate Life" seemed to have an impact on me one night while I lay in bed thinking about how my life is like a washing machine drum, spinning but not moving. I repeated those two words like a mantra for a couple months until they were just two words again. Then "Respect The Time You Are Given" gave me a push. That lasted for about as long as it took me to jot it down. For the moment I am hooked on "What Would The Hero You Do?". When I start to feel lazy or trapped I think of a perfect version of myself and try to imagine what he would be doing right then and there. I don't always emulate him (my pecs aren't big enough), but it serves me well...for now.

Do you do this? What does your garbage can of failed motivations look like?

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another idea

world's hardest jigsaw puzzle - a multiplayer online game.

observer arrives at a page containing an 800x600 image. after one second the image collapses, each pixel falling like a grain of sand to a heap at the bottom (play with physics here for good effect). Observer can sift through the sand (again play), zoom and choose pixels to drag up to the canvas. The canvas displays the aggregate of observer choices - doubtful it would tend toward the original image, but it would be a collage of limited resources - each pixel derived from the original image.

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a thesis idea

maybe this has been done - if not, it might be a fun media/interactive project/thesis for someone still in school? thinking about the distance between the written word and audio.

Fun project: develop a soundtrack to a book. Use eye tracking (would probably have to be a big book) to trigger the pace and positioning of an ambient score while the observer reads. Could try and create sound in emotional categories - assign them based on the artists experience but allow the observer to point out what are perceived mismatches.

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June 1, 2008

for dinner:

i'm trying to go a month without eating meat to see what that's like (not easy for me)...plus i don't get to use recipes - i gotta make it up as i go. I won't blog about it, but since tonight was the kickoff i thought i would, as the kids say, "share"

so: fresh white corn - cut off the kernels with a knife. got a georgia peach and cubed it. sauteed both in olive oil, a bit of salt and a dash of white wine (reisling). When corn started to have flecks of brown, I put this all in a bowl and added minced red onion that i had mixed with a little balsamic. Put the bowl in the fridge to cool.

Took firm tofu and cut into 1/4 inch slabs the length of the block. Coarsely chopped almond slices and breaded the tofu in them, salted. Fried the tofu in oil and butter until both sides were brown. Removed, put on a plate, added the corn/peach mixture on top and to the side...then took the remaining browned nuts left in the pan and sprinkled them on top.

verdict: i liked it - butter fried tofu reminds me of grits, and the georgia peaches completed the theme...

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