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July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch RIP

YouTube's star lecturer dies at 47

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July 24, 2008

ear piece.

BBC NEWS | Health | US cancer boss in mobiles warning

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July 14, 2008


some things will be broken on the site while i go through a little upgrade....

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July 10, 2008

a nice way to think about limited editions

200 Nipples | Killer Limited Edition Tees from $1 - $100.

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jumping out of vacation mode to share this

stop motion "spaghetti" :: simply great! :: click below

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July 1, 2008

what i did last month

last month i asked people on twitter whether they would allow me to take over their facebook accounts for a week. Within a half hour I had to remove the request due to the volume of incoming username and passwords. I selected two people that were in the medium friend range and appeared to use facebook in an active way, and asked for a one page "how-to" guide on how to be them before i started. Here is a description of that week in the words of one of the people i took over :: Lessons Learned from Ze Frank (Being Me) (shorter version) :: and x... gets the square - Ze Frank Wuzz Inside My Internetzz...! (same person, in more detail)

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"selling out"

A while back I taught a course at ITP/NYU called "The Creative Act" . The following year I proposed a course called "Selling Out", but circumstances (the show) made it difficult for me to commit. SVA just announced a new MFA program and has invited me to think about designing a class for them, and I'd like to resurrect this idea. And, of course, I'd like your thoughts (cuz i like you).

I won't get into the details or goals of the course quite yet, but i'd love to start by asking you a question. If you wanted to, could you (personally) "sell out" right now, and if so, how would you go about it.

UPDATE :: to be a little more clear - the course would be about exploring the relationship between commerce and creativity from an personal standpoint - what does that relationship mean to you... not a how-to guide on "selling out".

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so...the test was a pfffft

using money as an art supply didn't quite cut it. I received a single image (below) from sarah - which i quite liked, and also was sent a bunch of links to previous attempts at making art from cash. I won't speculate as to why this idea pooped the bed, but i think for the moment it will be put to rest.

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