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September 29, 2008

yes...it's a game with ducks in it

after more than a year of resisiting duck related content, i fear that i must give you this link to a charming little game :: Duck, Think Outside the Flock

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you = research subject

a young journalist i met in a subway car a while back is traveling the country and wants to hear from you :: Alex Steed - Millennials Changing America: The Next Generation of Organizing

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shape note singing

recently i met a couple of shape note singers and went on a little websploration :: shape notes were used over the past couple centuries in the south for congregational singing to help people who couldn't read music. Beginners pair shapes with the solfege syllables (do, re, mi, etc...) :: here's an example where the song consists of no words (for the first minute or so), only solfege :: more recordings :: and some more :: and a documentary

:: harsh, simple, powerful harmony singing :: i dig it

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September 25, 2008

let's try another one

so this collection of feel good videos turned out great :: lot's of stuff i had never seen before :: let's try a collection of music vids or links to music that you think other people might not have seen but are great individual performances/songs :: introduce us to great things :: collection of amazing music you may have missed

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September 24, 2008

siskel and ebert

Siskel and Ebert talk about who's in charge :: wow! this is pretty wild :: click below to watch

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September 23, 2008

collection of vids to make you feel better

so while i edit a video of two people eating lunch, i wanted to start using the buzzfeed site as a way for us to make collections. They have a very nice comments sytem that allows for a range of media types to be inserted, so i thought i would start with trying to create a collection of vids that we watch to feel better :: go here to watch and contribute :: yes, this will require a painless sign up process, but i will be doing more projects over at buzzfeed that i would love your help on in the future. kisses.

PS: let me know what other sorts of collections we should try...how about "best song/music video i know you never heard"...

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September 22, 2008

disney and fabuloso friday

disney has launched a new series called fabuloso fridays. considering their ridiculous stance on copyright infringement i'm a bit miffed.

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Jane McGonical and the Institute for the Future are getting ready to launch a new alternate reality game in early october :: preliminary media is starting to come out :: The Superstruct Game :: i urge you to partake in this :: sort of like going to an early jimi hendrix concert...i believe that jane will be a massive force in shaping the future of entertainment/culture

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September 20, 2008

a long ass walk :: AfricaTrek

a remarkable story about a couple that walked from south africa to israel :: a mini series is coming out on PBS soon :: click below to watch a teaser ::

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September 17, 2008

a children's song for adults :: anxiety

Laura wrote to ask if i could write a song to remind her to chill out when she got anxious. I asked people to sing along to a basic track and send me the results as audio files. After I had about 20 in total I mixed the results together to create the chorus of the tune (special thanks to everyone that sent in audio) :: download below :: you name the price

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das jobbing

A friend of mine Jonah Peretti started a company called Buzzfeed which I am involved with as an advisor. They have a job opening for a Community Manager, whom I'll be working with to try out some fun projects. I'd love for that post to be filled by someone from around here (by here i mean familiar with my mojo)

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September 15, 2008

so i wanna try something

i don't know if it will work, but i need 5 or 6 volunteers that have the ability to record their voices and understand the basics of audio...nothing fancy. i just want you to help me sing something.

email me ze@zefrank.com if you can help...

UPDATE :: got enough for now! but if this works out, we'll try some more... will follow up soon with progress!

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September 12, 2008

memory game

based on your advice here is an updated version of the Flickr Memory Game :: if you have the time i would love your advice on making it better ::

the scoring is a work in progress (although close)...if you are interested in my obsessive thoughts on the subject, here are some of the diagrams i created to think through the problem

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picture book 2.0

Here is a new demo for picturebook :: over 60 voices are in it so far! :: still need your help ::

working on this project i have come across 2 nice little free applications that are great for processing audio :: AudioSlicer was recommended to me by a parent, it chops little clips out of a long clip (this way he didn't have to battle his child's attention span during recording.) The second is MacMP3Gain (there is also a PC version) which normalizes the audio level across a collection of mp3s. This was really helpful in setting a more constant level across the various mp3s that came in...

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September 11, 2008


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September 10, 2008

rainbows and this country's demise

"i'm just wondering what the heck is in our water supply" :: click below to watch ::

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September 6, 2008

two slam poets you may not know

...but i love em :: Taylor Mali and Rives :: click below ::

Taylor Mali:


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a demo...

demo for the picturebook project using some audio that has been submitted so far! Would love your help! go here for more info

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September 5, 2008

Inflatable Bag Monsters

Joshua Allen Harris makes neato bag monsters :: i especially like that he restarted the project after it started making the rounds on the intertube (thanks Ofir) :: click below to watch ::

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hater's ball

a great riff from ill doctrine :: click below ::

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a little help?

I've just added a feature to the Flickr Memory Game which allows you to send a customized version of the game (with your pics) via email... if you have a flickr account with sets of public photos, perhaps you could test it for me? (try it with your photos)

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September 4, 2008

more frailty

added 200 new pics submitted to the frailty poems :: a collection of user created & illustrated poems :: will be closing this project soon :: WARNING! some pics NSFW (the price you pay with UGC i suppose)

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24 hour trip to NY

a "photo-Romain" of a business trip to NYC, made using pics from an iphone by M.Ward :: click below

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September 3, 2008


Peggy Noonan, Mike Murphy Caught On Tape Disparaging Palin Choice: "It's Over," "Political Bullxxxx," "Gimmicky"

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stumpy movie

illustrations made by viewers :: click below

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September 2, 2008

a project you could help with

i would like to make an interactive picture book out of some of the audience-created drawings from the scribbler. The idea is to create something that a parent and young child could look at together. Each page features a common (and once in a while not so common) object that the child is asked to name: "dog", "cat", "scissor", etc...

Here is a collection of the images I would like to use...

Here is what i would love to have you help me with: On each page i would like to have an audio recording of a child naming (or trying to name) the object in question. The audio will either be triggered by a button (in parent interaction mode) or will play after a time lag (in story mode). If you have a kid who's interested, could you pick one of the objects in the set, record a very short piece of audio (<10 seconds) of the child reacting to the picture (preferably the child's voice only) and send it to me at ze@zefrank.com?

UPDATE: Here is a demo where you can see audio in action, as well as browse pics that don't have audio!

PS: any language is fine!

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vacation is officially over


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