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January 28, 2009


This is why I can't seem to get rid of my CNN RSS feed, just when i think they are teetering on the edge irrelevant opinionated drivel, this :: 'Cello scrotum' exposed as a hoax

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It was on BBC too.
Reminds me of the cartoon "Goofy Beethoven". Goofy had to switch from violin to piano when he got a "violin neck".

Posted by: Sara at January 28, 2009 1:13 PM

O thank goodness, I was worried that my girlfriend's cello playing would render her... o wait, I get it now.

Posted by: danny at January 28, 2009 1:17 PM


Posted by: ingrid at January 29, 2009 4:41 AM

I have played the Cello and the Euphonium.

I do have to say that the Cello certainly gives me a condition I like to call "White Knees", which is caused by my bow bumping into my knees. The rosin comes off and turns into a white powder on my knees. It's kind of annoying.

But I can certainly attest to Euphonium Scrotum. The chafing that instrument causes while sitting down is immense.

Posted by: Jeff at January 29, 2009 10:51 PM

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