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May 20, 2009

Labuat :: wonderful ambient design site

Labuat :: move your mouse as a design magic wand...

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Comments (4)

a soothing exercise...not a huge fan of the music, but then again, mi espaƱol no es la mejor.

Posted by: habile b at May 21, 2009 2:25 AM

I liked that one!

Maybe someday I'll learn flash. 'Course then I'll actually have to think of something interesting to do with it...

Posted by: Steve Ford at May 21, 2009 9:26 AM

heh, nice! When listening to music, I always find myself moving the mouse around ... and well, of course ... nothing really happens when I do that on the desktop :)

Posted by: asdf at May 22, 2009 5:09 PM

Awesome. So much fun. Even if it loaded like a dead turtle.

Posted by: Janak at May 27, 2009 10:49 PM

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