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January 20, 2010

still getting fan mail for my 52 to 48 project!

like this one!

"Still feeling magnanimous? I am not. Scott Brown got 52% and I am happy about it... and I still hate you stinking liberals. How do you like being on the shit end of the stick?

Joel Alumbaugh

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Comments (24)

I wish that people would stop treating this like some kind of football game and think more about the problems of the world and how our leaders will empower us to fix them.

I personally vote for a candidate based on whether I think their agenda is targeted to improve things for all people. If a Republican came along who seemed to better understand how to do this, I would definitely consider voting for them. Any other attitude seems immature, stupid and blind.

This is why people of either party are labeled such - because there are too many people attached to winning, and not enough attached to making sure we and our children and children's children have some kind of livable world going forward. It's not going to happen if only one group of people is taken care of, because everyone else will be miserable and pissed off and want to pull the rug out from under the "happy" group. That's how it seems things have been going since anyone can remember, and it doesn't work.

I'm not religious and don't pray, but if I did I would pray for a quantum leap in the collective consciousness such that everyone would get this. I'm not saying we should all hold hands and sing Kumbaya - I'm just saying that we can all help each other have what we want if some of us stop thinking we have to have it all, to the detriment of the world.

This is what "peace" means - it means that we're all working together toward a goal that will benefit everyone, not just a few.

Posted by: Marianne at January 20, 2010 3:13 PM


Posted by: Brian at January 20, 2010 4:22 PM


Posted by: ChrisF at January 20, 2010 4:49 PM

When your candidate wins and you try to reach out, you're dismissed as condescending. When your candidate loses and you try to reach out, you're seen as trying to cover your ass. I tell you, there's nothing quite like a no-win scenario.

Posted by: Steve at January 20, 2010 5:05 PM

oh damn

Posted by: charlos at January 20, 2010 5:19 PM

Hahaha! That's a joke, right, that this blowhard full of hot air works in an aircooler company?

And actually, I don't think I got a shitty stick. I'm glad that his election will slow down the passage of a bill that isn't what anybody (liberal or not) wanted when "the people" said they wanted health care reform.

Wishing you and Joel well,
Another tree huggin stinking liberal.

Posted by: stinking liberal at January 20, 2010 5:30 PM

Sheesh...so much anger.
I think he missed the point of 52 to 48... :P

Posted by: Szymon at January 20, 2010 6:25 PM

Hang in there Ze! We're still your fans. 52 to 48 was very meaningful to me.

Posted by: Doug at January 20, 2010 6:34 PM

Ironic that he works for an air cooler company.

Posted by: Jeano at January 20, 2010 8:13 PM


Ze I am so glad you did come up with that. I still go to those pictures when I am feeling pessimistic about our highly polarized country.

Thank you.

Posted by: Lisa at January 20, 2010 8:19 PM

OoooOOOooo! "Magnanimous."

You can tell that Mr. Alumbaugh is quite megagaltastic.

Posted by: Bhig3 at January 20, 2010 8:47 PM

Well, that's sweet! He's obviously found his calling in Human Resources!

Posted by: Martha at January 20, 2010 9:58 PM

As a Coakley voter, I was feeling sad when I woke up today. My FB page was filled with sad and angry (and a couple of smug) messages. I hoped that the 52 to 48 page was still up, and was so comforted by what I saw there.
I'd meant to send you another thank you note today.. I'm sorry Joel got there first! :(

Posted by: Kendra at January 20, 2010 11:02 PM

I'm happy for 'em. Brown seems like a good guy. I read that he voted for universal health care while he was a state senator. As a liberal, I certainly don't agree with many of what Brown's positions, but if his Wikipedia page is accurate there is a lot of common ground to work from.

Posted by: sorry, not hating back at January 21, 2010 3:59 AM

Human Resources? Nice.

Posted by: DS Bakker at January 21, 2010 8:21 AM

The 52/48 project is what America should be about.

I'm all for Web 2.0, but I think one of the biggest mistakes my hometown television stations did was add comments to the end of their news stories. It makes Denver look so completely divided and bitter. Every commentary circles the bowl of rightwing vs. leftwing regardless of the story. There is no discussion, it's just a peanut gallery.

I wish there was a means to change this.

Posted by: Albert at January 21, 2010 2:37 PM

I say we organize a field trip to his company and all try to give him hugs while he yells and beats us with his briefcase.

Posted by: Eva at January 21, 2010 5:05 PM

I'm starting a fund called "one liberal at a time"

this is where republicans and conservatives can contribute money to a liberal or progressive's one way ticket and re-settlement out of the US.

They are more than welcomed to stick around usurped by their new corporate government.

Posted by: nader at January 22, 2010 8:01 PM

"Why can't we all be assholes?" - Joel Alumbaugh, 2009, a 52

Posted by: Austin at January 23, 2010 6:56 AM

Hmm.. lots of anger there. It's affected his memory-- he seems to have forgotten which end of the stick Republicans gave us for eight years.
That said, I don't have anything against Brown. Yet, anyway.
BTW, I notice Brown didn't say much about being a Republican during his campaign. (see Politifact)

Posted by: Stan at January 23, 2010 1:40 PM

I'm so sorry.

My therapist tells me that these sorts of reactions shouldn't matter but how can they not when they are so vitriolic.

Posted by: ingrid at January 26, 2010 6:47 PM

I love how Bush & Co. made a mess so big that it'll take DECADES to "fix"... and then the "conservatives" point to Obama's Admin after a year and call it a failure because we're still neck deep in the problems created by the LAST administration... It seems to me that THEY were the ones expecting instant change.

Posted by: gifa at February 11, 2010 12:25 AM

Well! Looks like somebody's feeling pusillanimous!

Posted by: Ted at February 12, 2010 6:09 AM

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